Zu vom Zauberberg

Hi Mark, Always great to get updates- what a color this boy has! “This is from Mark Stansbury in NM. Our visit was a great morning and then to pick up our pup, Zu. Perfect pup and the eight hour was a great drive with this fine dog. Today his left ear popped up and stays all day. A fine dog pup and thank from Zabo! Best Regards, Mark”  … continue reading

Odin vom Zauberberg

Thanks so much for the update Karsten! We are thrilled to hear that Odin is doing very well. Thanks again for coming all the way from San Diego! “He’s getting big so fast-fantastic dog with super drives to work with, thanks again, it is definitley NOT the last dog I am getting from you!” Odin vom Zauberberg is sired by Zabo von den Wannaer Hoehen his mother is Vicky vom… continue reading

Update Qira vom Zauberberg

Devin said: “She has all her shots and rabies shot as well. Just want to send you some pictures of her so you can see how well she is doing.” Thanks so much for the update Devin I loved all the photos!   Click here for MORE

Deacon vom Zauberberg

Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop Britney! Deacon came from the Y-Litter vom Zauberberg Hi Andreas,  This is Deacon at 15 weeks old. He is a very smart pup and learns everything in about a day or two! He has been a great addition to our family! We love him! Thank you, Britney & Ethan 

Zauberberg Puppy update from Williams Arizona

Good morning…here’s Fritz this morning.  Of course I will go on Google and give you a great rating.  Our baby Fritz is marvelous at the same time very typical for a German shepherd puppy…we call him the LT for Little Terrorist, who will tear you to shreds if you don’t have a rolled up newspaper to defend yourself.   He will get into everything, so he has a crate for inside… continue reading

Nu Joint Plus DS Testimonial supplement

Nu Joint Plus DS Testimonial supplement My name is Chane Gardin and I am the proud owner of a German Shepherd – Heeler Mix named Kylo. Kylo is 16 years old, and has very bad Hip Displasia. Just recently his condition progressed to the worst and he was not even wanting to walk anymore. I was struggling with the thought of putting him down. Luckily, I shared my thoughts with… continue reading

Service dog puppy Zauberberg

Zauberberg Puppy Testimonial

Service dog puppy Zauberberg Veronica, Thank you so much for being in touch over the years! We always like to hear from you, and enjoy the good news from happy people. I will look for his puppy images!- found it! Hope that works!   “Dear Andreas I just contacted you to thanks for the best puppy in my life and world Volker is going to be 6years old tomorrow  travel… continue reading

Why a puppy vom Zauberberg Kennels

Why a puppy vom Zauberberg Kennels Thank you so much Courtney for proving feedback about your experience with your German Shepherd puppy from Zauberberg Kennels! “Zauberberg German Shepherds  Finding the perfect addition to your family is something you invest a great deal of time into. Once we narrowed it down to breed we were fortunate to find Zauberberg K9. Andreas took the time to explain their process of how they… continue reading

Malinois protection and obedience Training Google Review

Malinois protection

Malinois protection and obedience Training Review Hello Grant, It is awesome for us to learn how pleased you are with our training results of your Belgium Malinois, Stasi! “If you’re looking for a great dog trainer Zauberberg is the BEST. I brought my puppy home and had trouble training him. I highly recommend them, especially if you’re a new dog parent like me and need help with any of your… continue reading

Nadja Zauberberg update Vet Visit

Thanks so much Divya for sending an update on Nadja! Nadja is now 9 years old and had a physical exam. “The Vet was very impressed by her youthful appearance and excellent behavior. Her physical exam was A+.Slightly decreased hip extension on both sides and not loving going up the stairs so I am starting her on Glucosamine. Athletic low resting heart rate. Great muscle tone. Same wait as when… continue reading