Real Zauberberg K9 Reviews Cairn Terrier Puppies

Review Zauberberg K9 Cairn Terrier Pupppies

Real Zauberberg K9 Reviews Cairn Terrier Puppies show how clients’ needs are fulfilled to the maximum:   From the first time we spoke to Andreas on the phone, we knew he was the breeder for us and that we were going to add a K9 Zauberberg to our family. K9 Zauberbeg provided our family with a wonderful and healthy forever friend. Andreas has excellent customer service as he was attentive and responsive to our questions… continue reading

Real Zauberberg K9 reviews Cairn Terrier

Real Zauberberg K9 reviews Cairn Terrier From Bob M.: Andreas, we are having a great time. I have two new buddies, they are everywhere I am. I think we are bonding and they get along fine with the older dogs ! Good night last night, slept thru the nite and ready to go in the morning, eating good. Thank you for them. Bob We have been playing in the sprinklers!

Real Zauberberg K9 Reviews Koko

Two female German Shepherd review Zauberberg K9 Kennels

Another Real Zauberberg K9 Reviews Koko! Gail, thank you so much for the recent picture your Koko and your update. We always appreciate hearing form owners about how our “kids” have fulfilled their needs by acquiring  German Shepherd vom Zauberberg!   Here is Koko, now 3 years old. She is by far, the most intelligent and sweet natured dog we have ever had.  We cannot wait to get our second… continue reading

Real Zauberberg k9 Reviews Duke

Andreas & Team: Duke is the best dog I have ever had.   Thank you for helping me select Duke. More importantly thank you for all the work you have done training Duke over the last year. Due to you help Duke follows my commands, and is a patience calm and well centered dog. His state of  calmness and confidence is a direct result of your efforts with him during this… continue reading

Real Zauberberg K9 reviews Puppies

Just received this awesome picture of two German Shepherd puppies vom Zauberberg. Updates are always appreciated! Andreas, They are great dogs.  They train easily, are very calm and are good looking Shepherds. Here are our two puppies. They are doing very well. Terry and Marion, Tucson These two puppies are offspring from our stud dog Yeti

Cairn Terrier Real Zauberberg K9 Reviews

Cairn Terrier Zauberberg Review

This Cairn Terrier Zauberberg Review just reached us from Mitchell. His Cairn terrier Puppy was shipped last Sunday from Tucson AZ to Tampa Florida! Thank you for sending this with awesome pictures of the little guy!   Hello Andreas, Just wanted to say thank you for the professional courtesy and patience you’ve provided. I had never purchased a dog without seeing it in person or had it sent using airline… continue reading

Happy Cairn Terrier Puppy Best Reviews Zauberberg K9

Happy Cairn Terrier Puppy Review Zauberberg reached us shortly after Marsha came to pick up the Cairn Terrier Female from our J-Litter. Looking through email conversations, Marsha had been waiting for almost two years to finally get a super brindle Female Cairn! Thank you Marsha for taking the time to send the pictures. Hello , Andreas! I just wanted to send you a note and special Thank you! This little… continue reading

Real Reviews Zauberberg K9 Trained German Shepherd

Trained german Shepherd Puppy for sale

This Review Trained German Shepherd Zauberberg Kennels: Luka that we obtain from you has been a delightful dog as she goes through the puppy stage. Conall, our grandson, and Allegra are thoroughly enjoying her. Thank you ever so much. Thank you for a very fruitful session yesterday afternoon with Allegra, Conall, Laurie and myself as well as Luka and yourself. Thank you ever so much. She is a delightful puppy.… continue reading

Real Reviews Zauberberg K9

Another Review ZBB K9 Team reached us from a client that has purchased a trained German Shepherd vom Zauberberg! Thank you David for taking the time and allow us to publish your message here.DEAR ANDREAS & DANIEL & STAFF, YOU FOLKS ARE THE GREATEST PEOPLE TO DO BUSINESS WITH.  YOU ARE CUSTOMER AND TEAM ORIENTED AND YOU TAKE CARE OF AND TREAT THE CUSTOMER AND THEIR DOG AS IF THEY… continue reading

Klaus Trained German Shepherd Real Zauberberg K9 Reviews

Thank you so much for the update Elizabeth J. We always appreciate you keeping us “in the loop”! Very happy to hear that things have been working out to your expectations with the quality of dog and training we provided. Looking at the picture, I can determine that nobody is going to mess around with this one- what an expression. Deterrent is the first line of defence, I loooove it! Elizabeth said: Subject: What a… continue reading