Zauberberg Cairn Terrier Update

This is a Zauberberg Cairn Terrier Update from Melinda B. about her Cairn Terrier Puppy Gertie vom Zauberberg Gertie was shipped with Petsafe United Airlines and arrived safe and sound. Andreas,   I hope all is going well for you and your family! We are having so much fun getting to know Gertie. We call her Josie, and she is wonderful! She is so intelligent and is learning so fast!… continue reading

Zauberberg Cairn Terrier News

Hana the Cairn Terrier Puppy Female was shipped to Denver last week! Here a message from the proud owner: Hana is amazing!!! Her ears came upright this weekend. She is eating well.. I’m checking your web site for train ideas esp.with starting housebreaking and biting my hand…any suggestions?  PS should I email or text my questions?  Thank you, Mary B.   Mary – please go to our Dog Training Guide… continue reading

First Zauberberg Meeting First Impression

This email reached us from a future client after our first meeting in person here at Zauberberg Kennels! Thank you so much Tyler for taking the time to write this!   When it comes to making big decisions, I am an extremely meticulous person . And finding the right companion who will be a part of yours and your families live’s for the next decade is absolutely one of these decisions. I… continue reading

Zauberberg Kennels Impressions

This email just reached us after a visit with Laura and Mattias yesterday- Your kind words are very much appreciated. Thank you for the permission to post : Andreas, Thank you so very much for meeting us at your home to discuss your fabulous German Shepherd dogs! Wow they are wonderful!!! Your passion for dogs, their wellbeing and safety is truly energizing. Your dogs are beautiful and obviously well socialized… continue reading

Happy Cairn Terrier Owners

The Dickson Family pictured here with the two sister Cairn Terriers “vom Zauberberg”. Mr Dickson reserved the first pick female from our G-Litter of Cairn Terriers. When the time came to pick her out and take her home, him and his wife were so amazed about our Cairn Terriers that they decided on the spot to take two! It was good to see you guys so happy when you came back… continue reading

Two German Shepherds vom Zauberberg

Paula , Thank you so much for the picture- absolutely beautiful! Yoster- and Geralynn vom Zauberberg Maverick and Lexy… aren’t they beautiful!!  Great dogs… as opposite as can be, tho!  She is a spitfire princess… and did I say smart? Fast… She has no time for lovin’ though as she is a constant blur of puppy action… Maverick — he’s such a good boy! And so lovey! He adores cuddles and just… continue reading

Lincoln vom Zauberberg Review

Lincoln went to her new home 6 days ago. Here is what Jim and Sherie shared on Facebook about Zauberberg Kennels: Andreas, what can I say. What an amazing dog. Lisa aka Lincoln is truly a credit to your K-9 breading program. Sherie and I can’t be happier with our selection. While having her in our home only six days Lincoln has shown to be a very loving and confident… continue reading

Jenny Zauberberg Buying German Shepherd Puppy

Jenny vom Zauberberg went to her new home! She was picked by Eva, the little girl in the picture!   Here is what we received back from the new owner (Eva’s Mom): She’s awesome!  Not eating as much as you recommended but already sitting on command.  Nice combination of intensity and mellowness.  She’s a little mischievous and playful.  Seems to have picked up the meowing from the cats and incorporated… continue reading

Review Zauberberg German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd dogs that protect

We just received this review  Zauberberg German Shepherd Puppy via email, and can’t wait to share it! Hallo, mein Freund,   It was such an agonizing time of excitement and impatience between remitting the deposit to you and waiting on Maxwell’s arrival, but we are so glad he’s here! In two days he’s been with us, he’s understood that when he goes outside, he is to go to the bathroom and… continue reading