Zauberberg Review on Google

Hi Fernando, Your review on Google 12-10-2020 is very much appreciated. Thank you so much! “Andreas Mueller and staff of Zauberberg Kennels are the best !!! They really care about their dogs and reciprocate the same energy towards their valued customers with quality training and service ! Great great great breeds coming from here ! Whether your looking for a great companion or working with the one you already have… continue reading

Update Abby vom Zauberberg review

Thank you so much for the update on Abby! Tom W. wrote: Hi Andreas, Haven’t seen you on FB lately so thought I’d check to see how you are doing. Abby is the best pet we’ve ever had. Not only is she brilliant but beautiful. She loves people and is gentle with little ones. I’ve never had a GSD that was this friendly with and loves everyone. Usually they are… continue reading

Zauberberg German Shepherd Siblings Update

German Shepherd family companion

Hi Terry and Marion, I am so happy that these two seemed to have worked out for you to perfection. Thank you for the update! Andreas, Here are our 2 1/2 year old two Shepherds, Ridge and Oakley, camping in the Uncompahgre forest in Colorado. They are brother and sister from your R litter. They are the smartest and most loving dogs we have owned. Terry and Marion best keto… continue reading

Zauberberg Review Client since 2004

Larry, I really appreciate you taking the time sending your Zauberberg Story with those pictures! You are amazing, three Zauberberg dogs!  Thank so much   Hi Andreas, Most of the dogs I have provided free room and board for over the last fifty years have been German Shepherds. Since 2004, my last three are exclusively from Zauberberg Kennels. I had never seen German-bred sables before, having had all Black and… continue reading

Update Zauberberg German Shepherds Ute and Osa

Thank you so much Jan for an update of Osa and Ute. We always love to hear from you keeping us current of the status of our kids! Andreas, Attached is a picture of the sisters, who are now 2 1/2 years old, and are great companions during these days of coronavirus. Everyone says they are such great ambassadors for their breed, as they are stable, sweet, affectionate, yet protective… continue reading

Nadja vom Zauberberg update

Sable German Shepherd vom Zauberberg

This message from Divya J: Hi Andreas, Hope all is well with you and your canines. Nadja is now 8.5 years old and super fit.Excellent energy levels and learning new things.Due to her 2-4 miles daily walks, she has built muscles on her trunk and feels solid. No more running, too hot in FL.She never is in the crate anymore either, so life is good.Not one day goes by without… continue reading

Review Zauberberg German Shepherds

I have been working with Andreas Mueller for quite a few months, in order to be paired with the perfect German Shepherd to become my service dog and companion. I’ve found Andreas to be friendly, easy to talk to and more importantly,  easy to confide in with my private medical details and personal struggles. He has listened compassionately and used his professional knowledge to create solutions for me. The German… continue reading

Ute Osa trained reliable recall

German Shepherd training come

Jan H. from Michigan sent this message: Sent from my iPhone Thank you for training “the girls” such a reliable recall. I went to the post office to pick up my held mail. I was in the van (dog taxi) with sliding side doors. I had forgotten that Ute had figured out which button to push to open the slider, so didn’t lock the doors. I come out to find… continue reading