Piper vom Zauberberg

Piper is the ultimate breeding female for us. I couldn’t even add anything to my wish list about her!
She is the daughter of Valentino vom Zauberberg and Friedar von Cap Arkona.
Her sable color is to die for and her temperament is like the perfect German Shepherd should be. She is an upper medium sized female, which is ideal for breeding within the standard of the German Shepherd.
Hi food drive- super play drive- and seriously protective if needed.
She was sold as an 8 week old puppy, but spend a great amount of time with me due to training the client desired. Every time the client needed boarding, they booked to have her with me personally versus  staying at our boarding  kennel.
Spending all this time with her, I got to know her inside out, and liked her more and more- thinking “I should have never sold this dog!”
I never really wished for it- but at 16 months of age, she came back to us for good due to circumstances in the owner’s life.
It is a great feeling having produced a dog like her, and we are exited to use her in our breeding program

See Piper at work here