How to get my dog used to collars and leashes

How to get my dog used to collars and leashes   Getting to take off the leash or collar (especially the collar) seems to be challenging. The dog doesn’t sit still, backs away from the leash or collar, because he has not been properly imprinted in a positive way to be handled comfortably during the event. Since he has been caught, forced and jelled at to hold still when leash… continue reading

Protective instincts in German Shepherds

Protective instincts in German Shepherds I love to share a true story about my first dog that shows that training might not be as effective, but a strong bond with your dog will! This was my very first dog, a German Shepherd mix named Buddy. Read my Bio. I gave him the name because I read a book called “Buddy’s eyes saw for me”- A seeing eye dog. Buddy was… continue reading

Do I always have to reward my dog

Do I always have to reward my dog in Training? This question about when to reward your dog is a very common concern. Just as much as dog owners/ trainers wonder when to stop rewarding the dog. Most common argument against food motivated training is also the concern that the dog is not responding in absence of the food reward. Therefor arguing that it does not work! So let’s shine… continue reading

Vet Visits always difficult

Cairn Terrier vom Zauberberg

Vet Visits always difficult Why is it that most of the dogs being taken to the vet are so hard to handle, and therefore in some cases not even receive treatment? The answer really lies in their negative prior experience going for a vet visit- or even lack of it all together. We see dogs being scared of the whole scenario. The place itself, the vet, the staff and maybe… continue reading

How to stop my dog from eating poop

How to stop my dog from eating poop Poop eating is a nasty behavior. What could be the reason, and how can we adjust it? It understandably grosses us out. We have known owners that rehome their dogs for the reason of poop eating. The scientific name of this behavior is Coprophagia. There are behavioral and physiological reasons for dogs to eat their feces. Poop Eating Is Normal for Dogs… continue reading

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Effectiveness

What you should know about Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Effectiveness? Let’s shine a light on how it is typically conducted and how strongly it can prevent the dog from getting bit! Typically all dog owners attending training for snake avoidance meet at a certain place that a trainer has picked for a gathering. The snake (hopefully freshly defanged) is put in a mash basket or is free on the ground. The dog… continue reading

How to teach my dog a command

How to teach my dog a command The process of teaching a dog a command is misunderstood by most dog owners. They think the dog is born with a response to a spoken word. They are so very wrong. The dog can’t speak….how can he understand? Calling the title of this article a ” command” has really been a decision intending of the title getting more interest. Normally we would like… continue reading

How to condition clicker

How to condition clicker- do I just click and give a treat? There is a little bit more about it- if you want optimum effect!   Giving information to your dog (immediate feedback to his actions) is the most important part of communication, when training your dog The best we can do to convey information, is to create a magnificent marker! A marker is a signal that solely identifies an… continue reading