How effective are Group Dog Training Classes

Michael R. asked: How effective are Group Dog Training Classes? Group dog training classes are the very most ineffective way of training a dog! If you really want to teach any behaviors the right way, private lessons is a necessity. The owner needs to have attention from his dog in order to communicate properly which behaviors are worth while doing- and which ones are not. That is how training starts!… continue reading

How to find a Dog Trainer

Petra M. asked: How do I know a dog trainer is good at training my dog?   What is a good dog trainer? It is a trainer that has the knowledge to share in theory and practice, making the dog owner understand the principals of learning and the application of those principals. It is suggested to test the knowledge in theorie during conversation. Do you understand what the trainer is… continue reading

German Shepherd Breeder System

Michelle S. asked: What does H’Litter mean? Zauberberg Team answers: If you have ever bought a German Shepherd puppy from a German breeder, you might have wondered how they name their puppies. The German registration system with the German Shepherd breed club in Germany (Verein fuer Deutche Schaeferhunde, SV) requires breeders to operate by the following rule for their breeding kennel: After a German breeder has applied and was granted… continue reading