Zauberberg Puppy update from Williams Arizona

Buying a German Shepherd puppyGood morning…here’s Fritz this morning.  Of course I will go on Google and give you a great rating.  Our baby Fritz is marvelous at the same time very typical for a German shepherd puppy…we call him the LT for Little Terrorist, who will tear you to shreds if you don’t have a rolled up newspaper to defend yourself.   He will get into everything, so he has a crate for inside the home where he is safe and we are able to relax and take our eyes off of him. He has no Free roaming privileges inside the home, he will later but not yet.  New parents need to know this to insure a successful and psychologically healthy GSDog. Fritz is a beautiful, healthy and normal GS Puppy. Thank you so much!!
Debra G. Williams AZ
Thanks Debra for providing those awesome pictures of your puppy! Keep it coming, we will add to the “Fritz” page!