Sean W

Hey Andreas! I am sorry for the delay in contacting you and giving you an update on Bella. She is doing awesome and is a great dog! She has learned how to sit, walk great on the leash, is completely potty trained and plays fetch like a pro. Her character is funny and playful and she has been just great to everybody and I swear she understands everything you say… continue reading

Trained German Shepherd female sold to Boston

Dear Andreas, yesterday marked the one week anniversary of Amber’s arrival. She has exceeded all my expectations and is a sheer delight to have around. She has adapted well to her new surroundings and is very friendly towards everyone. Thanks again for bringing some light into my world! I’ll take the liberty to contact you if and when questions regarding Amber should arise. Warm regards, Walter

American Bulldog trained and home delivered

Andreas! At this time, you are probably just arriving back in Arizona after bringing our American Bulldog Plato home to us after extensive training. Christine and I could not be happier with Plato’s training and behavior. As you know, yesterday was his first full day in our house. In addition to adjusting to a new home (we moved while he was being trained) and three excited kids (12, 7 and… continue reading

Olexa vom Zauberberg Tracking AKC

On May 12, 2013 our Olexa von Zauberberg (4-29-2009) demonstrated her awesome tracking skills by passing her first AKC Tracking Test in Vernon, Utah. She is now officially Olexa von Zauberberg TD. The licensed AKC tracking test was an annual event sponsored by the Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club. Olexa ( Lexi ) is now owned and trained by Helga Davies

Buying Experience

Andreas, What I did not tell you when we spoke about a last week is that when you called, I was literally in the process of emailing another breeder about a deposit that would get me pick of the litter on a new litter of import working bloodline GSDs. The deposit would have been about a quarter of what I sent you that day, although the full price is only… continue reading

Diana Winkler

Hi Andreas, I found your website online and it was good looking at all the wonderful dogs again. I saw the testimonial page, and thought I would send you a followup, long overdue, for Undra. we got her from you almost 11 years ago. She is an awesome dog. So very smart. We trained her in bite work and protection with Wayne Frierson. We never did compete, but she is… continue reading