Dog Boarding Tucson

Camino Verde Pet resortSince more than 30 years, we have family owned and operated Camino Verde Pet Resort, a dog boarding- and Grooming facility  for dogs and cats on the South West side of Tucson.

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Dog Boarding in Tucson is a matter of trust!
You feel like leaving your child behind? At Camino Verde Pet Resort you leave your child with the best professional care, in the safest, cleanest facility available! Spacious individual inside 4×4- and outside 4×25 runs. The option available of booking “playtime” where your dog gets to be outside one on one with a professional Kennel Technician. To be safe outside as well, we have build a securely fenced area in the front of the facility to let your dog roam during play time. This area is also intended for you to be used to give your dog some run time before drop off and after pick up.
A facility that has been in business for more than 30 years under the founders’ ownership. The owner himself is a professional breeder of German Shepherds. In addition he is a long time Police K9 Trainer, Schutzhund competitor at International level, and has devoted himself and his team to train pet dogs for companionship.