Malinois protection and obedience Training Google Review

Malinois protection and obedience Training Review

Hello Grant,
It is awesome for us to learn how pleased you are with our training results of your Belgium Malinois, Stasi!

“If you’re looking for a great dog trainer Zauberberg is the BEST. I brought my puppy home and had trouble training him. I highly recommend them, especially if you’re a new dog parent like me and need help with any of your dogs training! They will make your life easier for a great price.”

Belgium Malinois personal protection training at Zauberberg K9. 10 months old Malinois after 10 sessions showing true and strong aggression without being agitated by the decoy. No bite suit- no sleeve. The dog is confident to go against the bad guy and push him away and protect his owner. Training was conducted only by presenting a suspicious appearance by the stranger, moving slow and , shortening and expanding distance, reacting to the dogs behavior.