Why a puppy vom Zauberberg Kennels

Why a puppy vom Zauberberg Kennels

Thank you so much Courtney for proving feedback about your experience with your German Shepherd puppy from Zauberberg Kennels!

Zauberberg German Shepherds 

Why decide on a German Shepherd breeder in TucsonFinding the perfect addition to your family is something you invest a great deal of time into.

Once we narrowed it down to breed we were fortunate to find Zauberberg K9. Andreas took the time to explain their process of how they raise puppies from the day they are born, sire and dam pictures/ background, and additional information on the breed.

Once we decided this was the right choice for us, Andreas continued to provide information how to raise your puppy and answer all our questions.

Outstanding service from the first moment of contact. This breeder is devoted to providing healthy top of line German Shepherds. We now have an incredible dog to join our family and grow up with our little one. She is loving, intelligent, protective, and loyal everything you dream of in a dog. “

Courtney F. Phoenix Arizona