German Shepherds for adoption

Dogs of all breeds besides German Shepherds presented in this Category are available for adoption. They are retired breeding dogs, or dogs that are owned by a third party whom we are trying to help rehoming their dogs.
The adoption fee is $250.00
Training options at additional cost are also available.
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German Shepherd Male for adoption


My name is Danica and I have a pure bred German shepherd with AkC papers named Luke that needs to be re homed or he will be euthanized on August 3rd. The situation has come about because I have recently divorced and had to leave Luke with my ex or his father, yet due to having to get a room mate, he can no longer keep Luke in his home and due to the dogs potential aggression, he is electing to euthanize him.
Luke has never bitten anyone. He does bark and his hackles stand up when meeting new people, he doesn’t warm up to them quickly and keeps his distance. If they approach too quickly, he will lunge but he has not bitten anyone.  He rode in a car across the country from NC to AZ with my best friend (female) in the car and did well with her. He has been boarded at VCA animal hospital in Tempe and did well for them also. He has potential to improve, he just needs a chance.
Luke is 4 years old, neutered, up to date on vaccines, fully potty trained, and kennel trained. He loves to play fetch with a tennis ball or frisbee, any running exercise and eating a peanut butter kong. Once comfortable, he also loves to cuddle on the couch and gives kisses. He does not beg for food, and is very content sleeping in his kennel or on a cool tile floor. He has grown up in a home with an alpha female Chesapeake bay retriever and follows her lead for everything. He is slightly insecure and responds well to trazodone.
Please, please, if you have any recommendations that could save my dog from being euthanized, please refer me anywhere to save his life. He’s a good boy, and he doesn’t deserve to die because his  owners split up.
Thank you for your time.
Danica Thomas
480 347 8160