Protection Dogs for sale

Are you looking for a German Shepherd that is a companion and a protection dog to your loved ones and your home?
Owning a Protection Dog that has natural protective instincts and is formally trained to use those instincts and being controlled, is PIECE of mind!
It all starts with having a German Shepherd present around your family and your home.
Our protection dogs are completely trained to have an on and off switch when they are with the owners and also act on their own when left alone to protect the house and property.

1) Intensely socialized prior to starting protection training
2) Advanced off leash obedience trained before entering the protection Dog Training Program
3) Trained for Protection in all possible real life situations to protect and be controllable

The German Shepherd is the number one breed that can do it all!
For over one hundred years, this breed has been the most versatile that can do it all. He is the companion to the family, the protector, the herder, the seeing eye dog, the police K9, the military dog, the obedience champion, the Search and Rescue dog. There is not a single dog sport performance that the German Shepherd dog is not successfully competing in!
Most other breeds are mainly bred to perform a specific tasks.
The hunting dog hunts, the greyhound runs, the bloodhound tracks……
The specific instincts that these breeds are selectively bred for make it more challenging to train- or use these particular breeds for any other purpose.

The German Shepherd, if bred well, is naturally protective.
There is not a “real need” for formal protection dog training for an owner that has protective features from his German Shepherd.
The number one protection at lowest level is the mare sight of him.
If you think about it:
Your wife is jogging alone at early- or late hours. She has a German Shepherd running along her site. If you would be the guy with bad intentions, which one would you rather “jump”?
The woman with the German Shepherd on her site?- or the woman without one?
The same applies for protection of the house or property.
Just the mare sight of the German Shepherd will deter the burglar from execution of bad plans. He will choose to go a few houses down the street.
ZBB K9 Team provides protection dogs that are proven to have the protective instincts by genetics. These instincts are encourage and reinforced through some basic protection training, built on their natural aggression and courage at the time needed. If you are interested in the process of making a highly obedience trained and basic aggression trained dog part of your life, fill out the form  and get started!
Here a couple of examples of dogs that we have trained to be controlled for:
Being aggressive – and being obedient when asked to do so. No bite training equipment is used in our training. Training has to be as realistic as possible. You can tell that the dog will bite!