Norine vom Zauberberg Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale

Norine vom Zauberberg Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale Name: Norine vom Zauberberg Date of Birth: 01-26-2012 Microchip: Yes AKC unlimited Registration: Yes Obedience Commands: German Shots: Current Sire: Odin om Zauberberg Dam: Zilla vom Zauberberg Training Status: Advanced Obedience Training Available:  SOLD Norine vom Zauberberg Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale is a medium sized, energetic, loving, Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale. Her pedigree is a summary of superb German Shepherd Working Bloodlines.… continue reading

Bonny Vom Zauberberg

Bonny Vom Zauberberg (

Bonny Vom Zauberberg   Name: Bonny Vom Zauberberg (Female) Date of Birth: 01-17-2016 AKC unlimited Registration: Yes Available:  Contact to start arrangements Price: $1500.00 Utilizing only the very best German Shepherd bloodlines, proven to produce excellent health and intelligence. All Puppies are guaranteed in writing. Our goal is to make dogs and people happy for life. German Shepherd puppies are priced at $1500.00. They are going to their new homes at… continue reading

Iris vom Aldamar

Iris Vom Aldamar want to buy a trained German Shepherd female in Tucson or Phoenix

Iris vom Aldamar is a young German Shepherd Female for sale SOLD! Iris vom Aldamar is a larger size female with excellent structure. She has outstanding black and brown pigmentation. Strong boned and very well build. She is a very active temperament, which makes training very easy. High desire to please and interact. People friendly as she is , she will be easy to adjust to a new home. She… continue reading

Lila vom Zauberberg

Date of Birth: 02-20-2010 Color: Deep dark brown mahogany markings Sire: Falk von den Golan Hoehen Dam: Edge vom Waldbach Lila vom Zauberberg is a Rottweiler brood bitch that is build very correctly. Medium sized, she has excellent substance and bone strenghts. Like her father “Falk von den Golan Hoehen”  she has outstanding muscle tone. These are strong genetics being expressed in outstanding pheno type, giving Lila a very bulky look. Very… continue reading

Uno vom Zauberberg

Uno vom Zauberberg Date of Birth: 01-26-15 Color: Dark Sable Price: $1500.00 Sire: Jago vom Zauberberg Dam: X-on vom Zauberberg Uno vom Zauberberg is a sable female German Shepherd puppy from excellent and exclusive West German Bloodlines. Her parents are of very social-, friendly temperament, and easily trainable. Uno is a product of a repeat breeding (R-Litter) between Jago vom Zauberberg and X-on vom Zauberberg . As all of our puppies, she is bred for… continue reading

X-on vom Zauberberg

X-on vom Zauberberg Date of Birth: 05-24-2010 Sire: Nat vom Leipheimer Moor Dam: Zilla vom Zauberberg X-on vom Zauberberg is a very strong pigmented black sable German Shepherd female with very outgoing social and friendly temperament, always alert. Her coloration is very hard to find black dark sable with very correct stock coat. Excellent bone strengths and substance. She is the ideal medium size of the German Shepherd standard. With solid temperament, she… continue reading