German Shepherd Puppies for sale

Looking for a German Shepherd puppy from German Bloodlines?

Germann shepherd puppies for saleOne will have to be very committed when deciding to give a puppy a forever home. Puppies are like babies. They can’t talk and rely on great communication skills from their owner. Some people don’t like the “puppy stage” – others do not want to miss it!
If you are the one that doesn’t like the puppy stage, you should consider adopting an older Puppy or a trained adult German Shepherd.
Getting a puppy at youngest age possible is important for most puppy buyers. It can create an incredible bond and relationship which is important for great success in training.


Choose from the following to explore which option suits you best:
1) Puppies available for reservation-not ready to go to their new homes
2) Puppies available 8 weeks and older  (currently non available)
3) Young German Shepherds 6 months and older

Inquire about our puppies by filling out a short form, so we can learn about you.
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This is where-and how Zauberberg Shepherds are born and raised


Zauberberg Kennels breeding program follows the German Shepherd standard given by its country of orign- GERMANY:

What color do you prefer?

German Shepherds come in five different colors:
Black and red, black and tan, bi color, sable, solid black
Yes- there is no such thing as a white color within the breed standard of the German Shepherd
Color is carried by certain bloodlines. That is why certain color commonly is connected with certain temperament.

Male or a female?
It is a myth that certain characteristics are connected with specific gender. The individual puppy, no matter what gender, should be evaluated and considered, if you are undecided.
The obvious difference is that a male marks his territory and therefore urinates multiple times in different spots. The female eliminates in one shot. Unless she is into her heat cycle and wants to make it known. There is the second difference. Females (unless spayed) will come into heat every six months and will have bleeding for about two weeks during that period.

Does size matter?
For some people it does- for some it doesn’t.
Besides, size is very unpredictable. Some puppies that are small compared to others in a litter at the moment, will surprise with bigger size once they get older.
Zauberberg Kennels is breeding within the German Standard of size:
Male Dogs: Height at the withers: 60 cm to 65 cm -Weight: 30 kg to 40 kg
Female dogs: Height at the withers: 55 cm to 60 cm -Weight: 22 kg to 32 kg

What is your lifestyle like?
The breeder helping you making the best match.
Are you on the move a lot? Do you have a more calm household?
This is where the breeder comes into play, getting to know as much as possible about you in order to match you with the right puppy.
No matter what you see at the time you first meet a litter- it can only give you a snapshot of a puppy’s temperament. Who knows what happened right before you got there?
Maybe a puppy that appears to be calm at the moment had just been in a fight with a sibling. He now appears calm. This is where the breeder who has been around the litter much more than you ever can, comes into play. The breeder should be giving you advice about his own observation. You should expect to have some guidance.
All this being said, already requires that you choose the breeder you can count on to be there for you all the way.

Looking for German Shepherd Breeders?
It is suggested that you look at the experience a breeder has. The breeder should be knowledgeable of bloodlines and the German Shepherd breed in general. You should expect of him / her to support you and your puppy for the times to come. A breeder should have testimonials.

Offering German Shepherd Puppies an Trained Adult German Shepherd Dogs for sale! Please note that we do ship our Working Line and Show Line German Shepherds safely via Petsafe Desk at United Airlines to virtually anywhere in the country  including: Alabama: AL Alaska: AK, Arizona: AZ, Arkansas: AR, California: CA, Colorado: CO, Connecticut: CT, Delaware: DE, Florida: FL, Georgia: GA, Hawaii: HI, Idaho: ID, Illinois: IL, Indiana: IN, Iowa: IA, Kansas: KS, Kentucky: KY, Louisiana: LA, Maine: ME, Maryland: MD, Massachusetts: MA, Michigan: MI, Minnesota: MN, Mississippi: MS, Missouri: MO, Montana: MT, Nebraska: NE, Nevada: NV, New Hampshire: NH, New Jersey: NJ, New Mexico: NM, New York: NY, North Carolina: NC, North Dakota: ND, Ohio: OH, Oklahoma: OK, Oregon: OR, Pennsylvania: PA, Rhode Island: RI, South Carolina: SC, South Dakota: SD, Tennessee: TN, Texas: TX, Utah: UT, Vermont: VT, Virginia: VA, Washington: WA, West Virginia: WV, Wisconsin: WI, Wyoming: WY