Indy vom Zauberberg BiColor German Shepherd Female Family companion

Indy vom Zauberberg BiColor German Shepherd Female Family companion Indy, the rare colored German shepherd female was born at Zauberberg Kennels on 05-22-2022- in the S-Litter vom Zauberberg Vanessa wrote: “I have been connected now with Zauberberg now for 2 years and it has been the most positive experience from day 1. I never felt pressured to purchase a pup, had all my questions answered confidently and from someone with… continue reading

Update Zauberberg adult trained German Shepherd Sisters

Trainedblack and red German Shepherds in michigan

Update Zauberberg adult trained German Shepherd Sisters Jan, Thanks so much for the update about Ute(right) and Osa(left)! It is always exiting to hear from you. “Hello, Andreas. Osa (left) and Ute at 6 1/2 years. They make me happy.  I’m now fully retired and travel between Michigan and Santa Fe every 2-4 months. The sisters are great travelers and companions. I avoid looking at your website as my rule… continue reading

Update Training German Shepherd Duke

Thank so much for the note Mindy! “Hi Andreas! I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Duke.  He is very well behaved and follows his commands well.  He definitely has a little different personality with me like he’s always working.   (I don’t need the electric collar).  Anyway, thank you” At eight months of age, Duke was trained in our eight week Elite Training Program Watch… continue reading

Update Enzo vom Zauberberg

Hi Paul, Thanks so much for sending this awesome picture of Enzo vom Zauberberg (L-Litter vom Zauberberg  Sire: Zabo von den Wannaer Hoehen X Dam: Xellent vom Zauberberg)- what a beautifull (rare colored) German Shepherd he is!!!!!!!!! I am glad to hear how happy you are-considering adding another Zauberberg dog to the family. Thanks again, we appreciate you!   Offering German Shepherd Puppies an Trained Adult German Shepherd Dogs for… continue reading

Sargent Update

Thanks for the update  on this beautiful puppy Donna! We always wonder how our kids are doing?!   Donna wrote: Hello I just wanted to send you one email thanking you for my Sargent and to give you an update.   Today he finally barked upon hearing the front door open.  He also is very protective and smart.  Unfortunately we can’t get the digging under control.  But other than that he’s… continue reading

Max vom Zauberberg

Thanks Joel and Mindy for keeping us updated about Max. We appreciate you being loyal to us- after you adopted Stormy (picture to the left) from us more than ten years ago? Max is from the the H-Litter vom Zauberberg Mother: Victoria vom Zauberberg X Zabo von den Wannaer Hoehen “Max at 85#-not even filled out yet, beginning service- and attack training! He walks with me off the leash and… continue reading

Nadja vom Zauberberg

Thanks Diviya for sending the awesome picture of Nadja! She looks very proud and confident. “Nadja at the Hampton Inn on the evening before the 5K Race- she is just wonderful!” Here is a previous update about Nadja

Ute vom Zauberberg

“Andre,  This is Sophia, we bought Sophie from you in July 2018 you called her Ute. She is going to be 5 years old in July. She is absolutely a joy. I wanted to thank you and let you know I tell everyone if they want a pure German Shepherd that is of great breeding to contact your kennels. Attached is picture of Ute or Sophia” V/R Thank You, John