Cairn Terrier Zauberberg Review

Cairn Terrier Zauberberg Review

This Cairn Terrier Zauberberg Review just reached us from Mitchell. His Cairn terrier Puppy was shipped last Sunday from Tucson AZ to Tampa Florida! Thank you for sending this with awesome pictures of the little guy!   Hello Andreas, Just wanted to say thank you for the professional courtesy and patience you’ve provided. I had never purchased a dog without seeing it in person or had it sent using airline… continue reading

Happy Cairn Terrier Puppy Review Zauberberg

Happy Cairn Terrier Puppy Review Zauberberg reached us shortly after Marsha came to pick up the Cairn Terrier Female from our J-Litter. Looking through email conversations, Marsha had been waiting for almost two years to finally get a super brindle Female Cairn! Thank you Marsha for taking the time to send the pictures. Hello , Andreas! I just wanted to send you a note and special Thank you! This little… continue reading

Review Trained German Shepherd Zauberberg Kennels

Trained german Shepherd Puppy for sale

This Review Trained German Shepherd Zauberberg Kennels: Luka that we obtain from you has been a delightful dog as she goes through the puppy stage. Conall, our grandson, and Allegra are thoroughly enjoying her. Thank you ever so much. Thank you for a very fruitful session yesterday afternoon with Allegra, Conall, Laurie and myself as well as Luka and yourself. Thank you ever so much. She is a delightful puppy.… continue reading

Review ZBB K9 Team

Another Review ZBB K9 Team reached us from a client that has purchased a trained German Shepherd vom Zauberberg! Thank you David for taking the time and allow us to publish your message here.DEAR ANDREAS & DANIEL & STAFF, YOU FOLKS ARE THE GREATEST PEOPLE TO DO BUSINESS WITH.  YOU ARE CUSTOMER AND TEAM ORIENTED AND YOU TAKE CARE OF AND TREAT THE CUSTOMER AND THEIR DOG AS IF THEY… continue reading

Klaus Trained German Shepherd Review Zauberberg

Thank you so much for the update Elizabeth J. We always appreciate you keeping us “in the loop”! Very happy to hear that things have been working out to your expectations with the quality of dog and training we provided. Looking at the picture, I can determine that nobody is going to mess around with this one- what an expression. Deterrent is the first line of defence, I loooove it! Elizabeth said: Subject: What a… continue reading

Zauberberg Review trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale

Proud to show off the latest Zauberberg Review after Trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale went to his new home. Johann vom Zauberberg keeping Damion company while he is driven commercially across the USA! Hi Andreas! Katrina here. Damion just reminded me of the review I was supposed to write. Sorry it took so long! Here it is: —–We commissioned a German shepherd puppy from Andreas in late December. We… continue reading

Happy Zauberberg Puppy Review Phoenix

Happy Zauberberg Puppy Review Phoenix Thank you Nicole and Russ for sending this message after you picked up Otto vom Zauberberg from our Tucson facility.   Hello..he is doing very well. Already part of the pack and we are enjoying him so much! Such an intelligent and sweet boy. This is a picture of the rest of his new pack. Also, we have named him Wolfgang. Wolfie for short.  … continue reading

Zauberberg Puppy Happy Review

Thank you so much Elizabeth for keeping us updated by sending us a Zauberberg Puppy Happy Review ! Look at this picture….. that was before you guys fell in love with each other! it was a very exciting moment when you committed to him before some one else that had his eyes on HIM! Andreas, Thank you so much.  I just registered Klaus and had no problem doing it.  Klaus is… continue reading

Zauberberg Puppy Owners are Happy

It is important to us to know that Zauberberg Puppy Owners are Happy  ! It is always such a pleasure to receive those encouraging messages from our new puppy owners. I could tell that this was love at first sight! Thank you so much Kassia and Andrew for taking the time to write this and including the pictures. We are always concerned about our kids! Hi Andreas,  We purchased Ned… continue reading

Zauberberg Review Trained German Shepherd Coming Home

Thank you so much Dawn for writing a Zauberberg Review Trained German Shepherd Coming Home. We always appreciate the effort of new owners writing a few lines about their experience with Zauberberg K9 Kennels. Hi Andreas, It was a big decision to add another dog to our family and we didn’t have time to do the training. Our son is thrilled and so are we with your training of our… continue reading