Lila vom Zauberberg

Date of Birth: 02-20-2010 Color: Deep dark brown mahogany markings Sire: Falk von den Golan Hoehen Dam: Edge vom Waldbach Lila vom Zauberberg is a Rottweiler brood bitch that is build very correctly. Medium sized, she has excellent substance and bone strenghts. Like her father “Falk von den Golan Hoehen”  she has outstanding muscle tone. These are strong genetics being expressed in outstanding pheno type, giving Lila a very bulky look. Very… continue reading

Rottweiler Male Obedience Trained

Rottweiler Male Obedience Trained

Rottweiler Male Obedience Trained Achilles is a five months old Rottweiler Male Obedience Trained by ZBB K9 Team in Tucson Arizona. He is trained for practical applications in real life to be taken public places while being under control! Please note that other videos with our own dogs in training are very much geared to competition performance with high accuracy, striving for perfection. That should just show you the… continue reading

Falk von den Golan Hoehen

BST Germany by ADRK judge Hartmut Teschke: ADRK breed book #112 627 DOB: 6.4.06 HD frei ED +/- BH AD VPG II ZTP July 2008 63cm 31cm 48 kg 74cm 90cm 8,5 zu 15 Eye color 2b strong male, strongly muscled, friendly, with free space covering gate, tight medium long hair, markings rust brown, strong head, ears correct, cheeks and cheek bone strong, pronounced stop, broad muzzle, mouth pigment dark,… continue reading

Rottweiler male with outstanding social temperament

Rottweiler male with outstanding social temperament Lord vom Zauberberg – DOB: 02-20-2010 Lord vom Zauberberg is a medium sized Rottweiler male with outstanding social temperament, that suits any family. With excellent structure, color and expression, you will feel safe once you make this dog part of your family and household. His hips and elbows have been x-rayed and are healthy! He is very athletic and active. If you are interested… continue reading