Ute vom Zauberberg

“Andre,  This is Sophia, we bought Sophie from you in July 2018 you called her Ute. She is going to be 5 years old in July. She is absolutely a joy. I wanted to thank you and let you know I tell everyone if they want a pure German Shepherd that is of great breeding to contact your kennels. Attached is picture of Ute or Sophia” V/R Thank You, John

New Puppy Photo Updates!

            Check out the new pics! V-Litter Vom Zauberberg! 1 male available W- Litter Vom Zauberberg!   2 males/ 1 female available T- Litter Vom Zauberberg! Sold out X-Litter Vom Zauberberg! 2 males/ 2 females available Y- Litter Vom Zauberberg! 2 males available  

Piper vom Zauberberg -the future of Zauberberg breeding Females

Piper vom Zauberberg The future of the Zauberberg Breeding Program is here! Breeding females should be worked to test their temperament and workability! We are proud of having produced the ultimate in appearance and temperament. What are bloodlines That means that all ancestors of Zauberberg Puppies have been tested for health and temperament for decades. There are certain guidelines we follow in order to be predictable and uniformed in the… continue reading

New training videos

New videos on our channel! Take advantage of free training advice from our you Tube Channel, where we are showing THE PROCESS – and not the end results- to help you creating the dog you want- for free!

New Puppies

This breeding season has been successfully produced strong and healthy litters. Stay tuned for notifications. Pages with pictures will be uploaded very soon.