Dog Training Tucson

Our Dog Trainers’ mission in dog training is to provide training for you and your dog that is scientically proven to make dogs understand the tasks and perform as reliable as a pet can possibly be trained to do.
Training programs are devided into teaching phase and training phase.
First a dog should be introduced to a reward system and needs to develope a relationship with the owner/trainer.
Then a dog’s behavior can be modified. Through precise comunication, he/she can find out which behaviors are paid for- and which ones are not.
This will lead to certain behaviors being repeated more often- because they are worth while doing.
The behaviors that are NOT paid for will weaken- or not be performed at all anymore.
Through those pricipals a dog will learn obedience behaviors by operating in the environemt with the trainer being the reward machine.
Zauberberg K9 offers different training programs to help matching your goals with your lifestyle:
Private Lessons
You are the Trainer- we teach you how your dog percieves the world!

Board and Train Programs
Your dog is trained by us

How to find a Dog Trainer in Arizona?

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