Dog Training Tip

Dog Training Tip

Dog Training Tip Is your dog climbing all over you, or jumping on the table? We have a dog training tip for you. Watch this Video and make up your mind. The dog in this Video has a very active temperament. And of course he has previously experienced that if he is going for it, he gets attention, some times just by being pushed away. That reaction makes him feel… continue reading

Retrieve the dumbell over the hurdle Nathan and Nessy vom Zauberberg, 2 year old German Shepherd female, training the retrieve over the hurdle. An exercise that is a composition of a number of single little behaviors that all should be trained separately before they are put together in a sequence. For example: Sit stay during the throw Going over the hurdle on command Picking up the dumbbell Turning around to come back with the dumbbell… continue reading

Rottweiler released after not busting through the door The first video where you saw that this Dog stayed outside when the sliding glass door opened, might have given the impression that this is the only behavior this dog has learned in context with that very picture. Now the second video shows that he has one signal to stay out, which is when the door opens, and another one that invites him to do what he really wants,… continue reading

What made a stimulus into a signal

What made a stimulus into a signal The meaning of a signal has been obtained by certain experiences and circumstances that a stimulus has been connected with in the past. This experience is what made a stimulus into a signal. We call this process training!! Signals are an important subject. Different behaviors can be performed on certain signals, verbal or visible, or both combined. Once an exercise is performed in response to a signal (specific stimulus),… continue reading

Divya Joshi

Dear Andreas! This is Nadja vom Zauberberg’s third week with me in Southern California. She is getting used to her new home and new lifestyle. She gives me so much joy every day! I get compliments about her handsome looks and about how well trained she is from complete strangers. It is obvious that she has a solid foundation in obedience. The new owner can now build on that foundation.… continue reading

Our dog training is based on scientific laws of learning Our trainers are recognized in the USA and Germany for their outstanding techniques and high Schutzhund trial scores. We can train your German Shepherd in the USA or Germany to the top level Schutzhund Titles. Take a look at this short video clip and listen to the experts!

A young dog is going to learn to stay on his place Our Obedience Dog Training will make your dog listen not only if he wants to, but also if he has to in any situation. Positive reinforcement only, can never ever lead to reliable performance. A combination of negative and positive will lead the path to reliable self driving behaviors. Our obedience dog training is based on scientific laws of learning. Take a look at how Achilles is going to learn… continue reading

German Shepherd Dogs and German Shepherd Puppies for sale

Germann shepherd puppies for sale

German Shepherd Dogs and German Shepherd Puppies for sale More than three decades ago we started breeding German Shepherds. It was in Germany, under the name of “von der Quadriga” that our first litter from the strongest working lines was produced. Later, moving to the USA, we created the brand of “Zauberberg Kennels” , which is the German word for “Magic Mountain”. Ever since , our German Shepherds have been shown in… continue reading

What is ZW?

What is the ZW number ? The abbreviation of ZW stands for the German word Zuchtwert. Zuchtwert translates into the English word of “breed value”. A ZW number reflects a dog’s individual breed value. This was created to be able to more realiably estimate a cchance of hip displasia in puppies coming from a certain mating. It is established by the dog’s pedigree and therefore the values of the dogs in… continue reading

A Word About Upcoming Breedings

Here at Zauberberg Kennels, our pairings are based on what we believe is best for the breed and desired breed characteristics. Just to match a pedigree, is not enough. Best results have been accomplished by knowing both parents personally! It is fact that you look somewhat like your parents or grand parents, isn’t it? This is why we select the parents that promise the best outcome, not just to match… continue reading