Family guard or protection dog

Family guard or protection dog Specializing in matching you with a trained Family Guard or Protection dog. These Family Protection Dogs are trained  to fit your lifestyle, budget and needs. And they do more than keep you and your family safe and secure, they give you peace of mind. Take a look here and see how a confident protection dog can be switched on to defend against a threat during… continue reading

Easing Your Puppy’s Separation Anxiety

Maybe it hit you as soon as your parents backed the family car out of the dormitory parking lot your first year at university and you realized you were on your own. Or, perhaps you felt it standing at the neighborhood bus stop last fall, your first born struggling to climb the oversized steps of the school bus on his way to kindergarten. No matter who you are or when… continue reading

Housebreaking your new puppy

Housebreaking your new puppy may seem like a daunting task, but with a bit of insight into dog psychology and these proven puppy training tips, your new pet will learn quickly. If he’s an adult dog who was never fully housebroken (he has accidents daily, weekly or monthly), you’ll find it’s best to treat him like a brand-new unhousebroken puppy. 1. Select the site. Before your new puppy enters your… continue reading

Socializing Your Puppy

When you made the decision to adopt a puppy versus a full-grown dog, you probably did so in part because you knew what you’d get. “Yes, there will be peeing and chewing,” you thought to yourself as you looked over the litter of downy pups. But at least I won’t have to contend with the shadowy history as to why the shelter staff nicknamed my pet ‘Tiger.’” This gave you… continue reading

The importance of stimuli control

Aren’t we most familiar with the question, “why has my dog not responded the way he was supposed to”? Particularly after a trial that did not go the way we expected it, we will have to evaluate why performance has not been the same as in training. Stimuli present during the performance, that had gotten meaning for our dog need to be evaluated. Anything that exists in the environment could… continue reading

Clicker Training Pet Obedience

The clicker is just a little plastic box with a metal blade that makes a very unique sound when the metal blade is pressed. And that is exactly what makes it so special to training: its sound is very short and sharp. It is rarely heard, unlike the trainer’s voice; so, it can take on a special meaning. It is not unpleasing to the dog’s ear. Therefore, a clicker can… continue reading

Why you should choose ZBB K9 Team

Here at ZBB K9 Team & vom Zauberberg Kennel, our training teaches us how to breed better dogs, our breeding then teaches us how to train better dogs. In twenty years in the USA we have a few great things to share like our German Shepherd Puppies for sale or our Rottweiler Puppies for sale. In our time at the USA Nationals, USA Regionals, 100’s of Club trials titling more… continue reading

The German Shepherd Dog in your Family

Those considering a German Shepherd Dog as a family addition should make sure that this breed is the best fit for the situation. The dogs are strong in body, spirit, and mind. They need much attention, love, and firm guidance as they grow — which they do quite quickly. As a gawky, awkward teenager, a GSD may unintentionally knock over a small child or a frail elderly person. Their strong,… continue reading

German Shepherd Dog Training Services

ZBB K9 Team & vom Zauberberg Kennel is proud to offer training services from the beginning puppy stages to maturing adults. German Shepherds need lots of exercise, both mentally and physically to keep them happy. They do require lots of attention because they are bred to be working dogs so the more play time and jobs they receive the happier your German Shepherd will be. To enjoy your German Shepherd… continue reading