Jago German Shepherd Stud dog in Arizona

Jago vom Zauberberg, German Shepherd Stud Dog in Arizona

Jago German Shepherd Stud dog in Arizona

Jago Vom Zauberberg
Jago Vom Zauberberg
  • Name: Jago vom Zauberberg
  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Registration: AKC
  • Date of Birth: 04-29-2008
  • Titles : Begleithundpruefung, BH, Schuntzhund1, IPO1
  • Sire: Magic vom Elfenschloss, BH, Schutzhund 3
  • Dam: Feebie de la Casa Medina Schutzhund 1
  • Gender: Male
  • Coat Color: Sable
  • ZW: 76 What is ZW?
  • Hips: A-Normal
  • Coat Type: Stock Coat
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Jago vom Zauberberg is an excellent example of what a German Shepherd is meant to be. A German Shepherd stud dog that has proven to actually reproduce himself in athleticism, temperament, drive and protectiveness. A dog of medium size, totally sound in mind and body, eye appealing structure, that serves function. He resembles the true working German Shepherd.

His temperament is of very high drive with great protectiveness of owner and home. This is where the right temperament comes to shine. Too many German Shepherds of today’s breedings are too weak to protect if they have to. Jago is very social, but can turn up serious aggression when the situation calls for it. As an excellent competition dog, he possesses a very high prey drive in protection with very full hard grips, while being obedient to his handler at the same time.

Zauberberg Kennels is looking forward to be utilizing this dog in its breeding program. Coming from Magic vom Elfenschloss, he carries trades that we wish to manifest through some line breeding with Jago.

Call us to make arrangements to utilize him as a German Shepherd stud dog with a true German Pedigree       520-419-2199    or    Email

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