German Shepherd Breed

German Shepherd Breed

German Shepherd Breedings are planned by evaluating the working ability

This Protection dog training session with Nessy vom Zauberberg in Tucson Arizona, shows how to train the Protection Dog to stay on the bite, and only release when the command  is given by the Trainer. Some Protection Dog Training Teams make an accidental connection for the dog, that when the decoy stops moving, the OUT command is coming. So very soon the dog will release automatically when the decoy stops moving. This Training Session is intended to show Nessy that it doesn’t mean to release the bite when movement stops.

Before our German Shepherd Breed are mated, they are trained, in order to evaluate their working ability. The Pedigree of a German Shepherd is important, but we have discovered that the dog itself doesn’t always turn out the way his pedigree seems to promise. A close look and consideration of the Phenotype, meaning to look at what the dog really is, plays a great role in regards to the outcome of a mating.

If you look at human beings, for some reason you can generally tell who the kid’s parents are, right? And when those parents produced that child, I bet no one looked at their pedigree!?

In the video above you see a Zauberberg K9 Trainer, Nathan Towse, with Nessy vom Zauberberg, a two year old German Shepherd female from our German Shepherd Breed program. Sire is Odin vom Zauberberg and Dam is Zilla vom Zauberberg.

The combination of those two parents turned out excellent. Nessy vom Zauberberg demonstrates that she can be under control, responding to the Trainer’s demands, while she is in high drive for protection work! True trades of working dog that is fun to train.

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German Shepherd Breed