Schutzhund trained German Shepherd Dog

Schutzhund trained German Shepherd Dog

Schutzhund trained German Shepherd Dog

The Schutzhund trained German Shepherd Dog, demonstrating aggressive features when guarding and barking cleanly at the bad guy, then separating from him as demanded by the Schutzhund trainer. The same when he finally engages into a bite. Stopping the decoy from escaping and biting when attacked. Note that only the command to out controls the release, not the seize of the fight by the bad guy.

Jago vom Zauberberg, a highly skilled Schutzhund trained German Shepherd dog, used in our breeding program. Jago is the Sire of our upcoming German Shepherd female, Mira vom Zauberberg that resides and trains with our friend Michael Rabern in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mira has tremendous drives for the work and genetically shows the same aggression and full grips as Jago does.

Jago and his daughter are classic examples for a Schutzhund trained German Shepherd Dog ability to be seriously protective, easily trainable, and a relaxed loving, well responding family dog and social partner within the home and his/her friends. But …..before you are introduced, you are an enemy that doesn’t belong here!

Please also visit Nessy, Nadja, Norine vom Zauberberg (for sale). Another strong example for what the above description is trying to convey!

Note : Upcoming German Shepherd puppies from

Jago vom Zauberberg & Xon (Exon) vom Zauberberg

This breeding is a combination that leads back onto legendary Magic vom Elfenschloss, the German Shepherd import, that had the fearless power and loyalty that most German Shepherds today seem to be missing! He is a strong influence in our breeding program today.