How long training my dog

Petra J. from Dallas asked: How long does it take to train my dog? Zaubererg Team answered: It is a very common question, especially if you pay hard earned money for a trainer to do it for you! There is no doubt that there are different levels of training one wants to accomplish. Numerous of wise repetitions have to be executed in order to train a dog very well. Multiplied… continue reading

Dog is listening better to one person versus another

Here is why a dog is listening better to one person versus another! Joseph P. from Prescott asked: My dog listens to my wife perfectly! Why is he not listening to me at all? Don’t we all experience that the dog responds to different people differently? Of course! “Listening” or lets call it “responding” to a signal is based a history of reinforcement and therefore the relationship between individuals. Humans… continue reading

Best Training Treats for my Dog

Jennifer B. from Tucson asked: What are the best treats to use in my training? Zauberberg Team answered: You are on the right track to think about what the best treats might be, as you probably know that best rewards make best learning happening! When choosing a treat to be most effective during training, it is important to think without limitation. Just as people being crazy about potato salad- others… continue reading

German Shepherd Female or Male Puppy

Silke B. from Mesa asked: What is the difference between male versus female? Zauberberg Team answered: One is very obvious……just look. Here are other true facts: The male likes to mark his territory and goes to the bathroom in increments. The female mainly squats once or twice and is finished. The female usually comes in heat every six months and will be bleeding for two weeks average. The myth is… continue reading

How to introduce my dog to the cat

Sylvia B. asked: How should I introduce my dog to the cat? Dear Silvia, As with all animal to animal introduction, it is most important to be absolutely safe. A good way is to put the cat in a wire crate where they can’t physically interact. The are “introduced”. Now you can observe how they act toward each other without taking a chance of chasing- and perhaps hurting each other.… continue reading