German Shepherd Nail trim

The nails of your German Shepherd should be trimmed about every two months. Unless he is spending sufficient amount of time running on hard surface so that his claws are grinded down naturally. If he has due claws, those of course need to be trimmed regularly as they don’t touch the ground while walking, and therefore can’t be naturally grinded. If the dog has grown claws that are too long,… continue reading

Healthiest Dog Training Treats

Healthiest Dog Training Treats Looking for a very affordable and healthy treat for your dog training sessions? Took us a while, but we found it! Knowing that training is most effective if the reward is of highest value, we had to search hard! We have been through everything in this world: Using the kibble he usually eats, buying all available training treats (expensive), using nasty none nutritional hot dogs etc.… continue reading

German Shepherd Breeder System

Michelle S. asked: What does H’Litter mean? Zauberberg Team answers: If you have ever bought a German Shepherd puppy from a German breeder, you might have wondered how they name their puppies. The German registration system with the German Shepherd breed club in Germany (Verein fuer Deutche Schaeferhunde, SV) requires breeders to operate by the following rule for their breeding kennel: After a German breeder has applied and was granted… continue reading

Separation Anxiety in dogs

Kira, a German Shepherd Mix, needed help with separation anxiety. This German Shepherd mix is finding out through “marker training” that it is more valuable for her to sit on her bed than jumping and scratching at the gate. The clicker communicates to her which behavior exactly it was that triggered the reward to come. In addition, the direction of the reward being obtained is away from the gate. Our… continue reading

The bad reputation Remote Training Collars

Why does the remote training collar commonly has a bad reputation? The remote training collar ( E-Collar ) is the best dog training tool available. As an all breed dog training company, we use the remote training collar  to obtain OFF LEASH responses with greatest success-AFTER a dog has LEARNED the behaviors! The use of the collar needs to be conditioned properly and behaviors should be established (learned) before they… continue reading