How to use the clicker as a marker

How to use the clicker as a maker, after it is conditioned?

After the clicker is condition to be the marker, it is used as the secondary reinforcer! Pay attention, it is not a replacement for the reinforcer itself. It identifies the particular behavior the dog is doing at the moment it hears the click, so the actual reinforcer can be delivered afterwards. The clicker always has to be followed by the reinforcer itself. Other than that the click would have less of informational value.

The clicker now can function as a camera we take pictures with. Every time he hears the click, a picture is taken. Compare the click with the shutter noise of the camera. When you hear the shutter going off, that is exactly what you will see in the photograph! The dog actually sees that very picture when e gets the reward. He understands the noise identifies the behavior at the moment of the noise is the one he now is getting payed for!
Perfect communication is now made possible!