What is positive reinforcement in Dog Training

What is positive reinforcement in Dog Training Find the best reinforcer for your dog at a particular time or in a particular situation~ Reinforcement by definition, is making something stronger…..just like the pillar under a bridge! Positive Reinforcement is used in Dog Training to make behaviors stronger and more likely to be repeated. If a behavior is continuously reinforced, it is more likely to reoccur. It is getting to be… continue reading

Important tips starting clicker training

Don’t ever break the promise. If you click- you have to feed, even though it might have been the wrong moment. As long as you realize it was wrong, you more likely learn to be sharp! If you break the promise, your dog will start looking for other, more reliable information to know that now the reward is coming. Click- pause- treat! Do not fuse the click and the treat… continue reading

When should I start training my dog

Heinz Vom Zauberberg

When should I start training my dog Training a dog should start as early as possible. As soon as a young puppy  has the focus to follow movement and is skilled to take a treat from your hand, you should start the Teaching Phase! Teaching means to make him understand which behaviors are worth while doing and which ones are NOT. The behaviors we do want him to do are positively… continue reading