German Shepherd puppy Zauberberg

Hi Pam, Thank you for keeping us posted about the developments of family and your Zauberberg dogs. Amazing how Jade vom Zauberberg has taken it up on herself guarding and protecting your grandchildren! Now your new puppy, Jewels vom Zauberberg, is catching up – at only 5 months old! See Pam’s Testimonial about Zauberberg German Shepherds.

Zauberberg Puppy Training Advice

How to train your German Shepherd Puppy

This is a short clip of a Zauberberg German Shepherd puppy training with his owner. The puppy shows a very good understanding of the clicker marking the behavior that the trainer intends to reward! Read description below the video. Yet the sequence of events seems too much of a “drill” The puppy is rushed from one behavior into the other, which could lead to him understanding the sequence as a… continue reading

German Shepherd Puppies available for sale

German Shepherd Puppies available for sale The B-litter vom Zauberberg has arrived! Three males and four females. The mother is “Friedar vom Cap Arkona”  and  the father is “Zabo von den Wannaer Hoehen“. Both parents are direct German Imports. The health and temperament evaluations in these bloodlines go back for generations! The colors of the puppies Females: 2 bicolored- and 2 sables Males: 1 sable and 2 bicolored The German… continue reading

Real Zauberberg Kennels Review

Real Zauberberg Kennels Review! This update about Whistle vom Zauberberg just reached us a couple days ago! Dear Kristen, thanks for sending it, we appreciate updates, especially with pictures. We love to see how our puppies develop, in order to make an effective plan for future matings! Andreas – We wanted to say thank you! It’s been one year now since we picked up our puppy formerly Whistle (of Tito… continue reading