Dog is listening better to one person versus another

Here is why a dog is listening better to one person versus another! Don’t we all experience that the dog responds to different people differently? Of course! “Listening” or lets call it “responding” to a signal is based a history of reinforcement and therefore the relationship between individuals. Humans are no different than dogs. History of reinforcement simply means: What has happened in the past between an individual and his… continue reading

Best Training Treats for my Dog

Jennifer B. from Tucson asked: What are the best treats to use in my training? Zauberberg Team answered: You are on the right track to think about what the best treats might be, as you probably know that best rewards make best learning happening! When choosing a treat to be most effective during training, it is important to think without limitation. Just as people being crazy about potato salad- others… continue reading

Update Zauberberg Puppy

This update about a Zauberberg puppy just reached us from Steven I. in Tucson:   Hi Andreas. The black German shepherd we got from you is really amazing. He’s huge – he’s over 75 pounds and only six months old. His paws are massive, he looks like a bear. He also has a great temperament. We are thinking of having him neutered but are wondering if maybe we should hold… continue reading

Jim and Trigger Zauberberg CGC

Hey Jim, The effort you have put into training your puppy vom Zauberberg is greatly appreciated! You made us extremely proud to see our offspring doing so well out in the world. It is a known fact that passing a certification like this requires a super stable temperament as well as intense training. Good luck in the future- and keep us posted please. Big congrats to your CGC at such… continue reading

Zauberberg Puppy Training Advice

How to train your German Shepherd Puppy

This is a short clip of a Zauberberg German Shepherd puppy training with his owner. The puppy shows a very good understanding of the clicker marking the behavior that the trainer intends to reward! Read description below the video. Yet the sequence of events seems too much of a “drill” The puppy is rushed from one behavior into the other, which could lead to him understanding the sequence as a… continue reading

Zauberberg Cairn Terrier update J-Litter

Cairn Terrier breeder review

This Zauberberg Cairn Terrier update was just sent to us! Good Morning Andreas Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoy my Cairn, Daisee Mae from your J Litter! She is such a sweet and gentle pup and absolutely loves everyone. We have spent a lot of time in obedience school and still have the goal of becoming a therapy dog! Her coloring is always changing, I am… continue reading

German Shepherd Puppies available for sale

German Shepherd Puppies available for sale The B-litter vom Zauberberg has arrived! Three males and four females. The mother is “Friedar vom Cap Arkona”  and  the father is “Zabo von den Wannaer Hoehen“. Both parents are direct German Imports. The health and temperament evaluations in these bloodlines go back for generations! The colors of the puppies Females: 2 bicolored- and 2 sables Males: 1 sable and 2 bicolored The German… continue reading