Spay or neuter my Dog

Jim K. asked: Should I spay my female- or neuter my male dog? Hello Jim, If you have to make a choice between spaying your female or neutering your male, because they live in the same house hold, we suggest you consider spaying the female. You get rid of the situation of him going nuts for ten days twice a year. You also get rid of the mess of her… continue reading

German Shepherd Puppy Kaiser Update

Thank you Jeff and Pat for giving Kaiser such a great home! It is always appreciated when you contact us with updates- and more importantly asking for advice with any challenges you might have. Glad to hear that our advice about how to adjust your two Dachshunds to Kaiser seems to be taking positive effect! Jeff said: “Kaiser is getting big. Very good boy and walking him with the two… continue reading

Orca Young Solid Black Trained German Shepherd for sale

Solid black German Shepherd male for sale

Orca is a beautiful athletically built German Shepherd male. A young natural athlete. Orca was raised by one of our trainers in Scottsdale. Although, he has an natural time-to-relax mode, he would best be excellently suited “having a job to do” or “dog sport.”. Obedience conditioned primarily for an IPO or protection handler Orca has shown us all the signs of being a great dog to live an energetic life.… continue reading

Real Zauberberg k9 Reviews Duke

Andreas & Team: Duke is the best dog I have ever had.   Thank you for helping me select Duke. More importantly thank you for all the work you have done training Duke over the last year. Due to you help Duke follows my commands, and is a patience calm and well centered dog. His state of  calmness and confidence is a direct result of your efforts with him during this… continue reading

Real Zauberberg K9 reviews Puppies

Just received this awesome picture of two German Shepherd puppies vom Zauberberg. Updates are always appreciated! Andreas, They are great dogs.  They train easily, are very calm and are good looking Shepherds. Here are our two puppies. They are doing very well. Terry and Marion, Tucson These two puppies are offspring from our stud dog Yeti

Elsa young German Shepherd Female adoption

Elsa young German Shepherd Female adoption, is a two year old female that has some training, is easy to handle and be around. She is very friendly with people and other male dogs. She is very well structured by German Shepherd standard and has awesome black and red color. She is an upper medium sized dog. Her pedigree is all West German Bloodlines.

Victoria Solid Black German Shepherd female

Victoria Solid Black German Shepherd female is a well structured medium sized German Shepherd female with super solid temperament. She is very outgoing and fearless, very playful, she will grow into an easily trainable dog, as well as a great companion. She is very people oriented. Her father Tito De Lupus Saevus is a solid Schutzhund competition dog with super dark sable color and strong bone and head. Victoria’s mother,… continue reading

Valentino Solid Black German Shepherd

Yet black male German Shepherd for sale

Valentino Solid Black German Shepherd is a well structured medium sized male with super solid temperament. He is fearless and very playful, he is fully trained and makes a great companion. He is very people oriented. His father Tito De Lupus Saevus is a solid Schutzhund competition dog with super dark sable color, strong bone and head. Valentino’s mother, Vina vom Zauberberg is an outstanding female that has been the… continue reading