German Shepherd Puppy Kaiser Update

Thank you Jeff and Pat for giving Kaiser such a great home! It is always appreciated when you contact us with updates- and more importantly asking for advice with any challenges you might have. Glad to hear that our advice about how to adjust your two Dachshunds to Kaiser seems to be taking positive effect! Jeff said: “Kaiser is getting big. Very good boy and walking him with the two… continue reading

Zauberberg Cairn Terrier update J-Litter

Cairn Terrier breeder review

This Zauberberg Cairn Terrier update was just sent to us! Good Morning Andreas Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoy my Cairn, Daisee Mae from your J Litter! She is such a sweet and gentle pup and absolutely loves everyone. We have spent a lot of time in obedience school and still have the goal of becoming a therapy dog! Her coloring is always changing, I am… continue reading

German Shepherd Puppies available for sale

German Shepherd Puppies available for sale The B-litter vom Zauberberg has arrived! Three males and four females. The mother is “Friedar vom Cap Arkona”  and  the father is “Zabo von den Wannaer Hoehen“. Both parents are direct German Imports. The health and temperament evaluations in these bloodlines go back for generations! The colors of the puppies Females: 2 bicolored- and 2 sables Males: 1 sable and 2 bicolored The German… continue reading

Real Zauberberg Kennels Review

Real Zauberberg Kennels Review! This update about Whistle vom Zauberberg just reached us a couple days ago! Dear Kristen, thanks for sending it, we appreciate updates, especially with pictures. We love to see how our puppies develop, in order to make an effective plan for future matings! Andreas – We wanted to say thank you! It’s been one year now since we picked up our puppy formerly Whistle (of Tito… continue reading

Orca Young Solid Black Trained German Shepherd for sale

Solid black German Shepherd male for sale

Orca is a beautiful athletically built German Shepherd male. A young natural athlete. Orca was raised by one of our trainers in Scottsdale. Although, he has an natural time-to-relax mode, he would best be excellently suited “having a job to do” or “dog sport.”. Obedience conditioned primarily for an IPO or protection handler Orca has shown us all the signs of being a great dog to live an energetic life.… continue reading

Lothar Young Trained German Shepherd Male for sale

Zauberberg Kennels proudly presents: Lothar Young Trained German Shepherd Male for sale. Lothar vom Zauberberg is a stunning German Shepherd Male that has very pronounced pigmented color. He is strongly built and very well structured. His face and type is very pretty and harmonies. Lothar’s temperament is absolutely solid. He loves all people. He is an upper medium sized German Shepherd Male, with very open minded attitude. Super family companion that… continue reading

Zauberberg Review German Shepherd Puppies for sale

Zauberberg Review German Shepherd Puppies for sale

Thank you so much John for leaving this 5 star review about Zauberberg Review German Shepherd Puppies for sale  on the www! We always appreciate an update on Yolo! Mr Mueller was very personal and extremely knowledgeable about German shepherds. After we purchased our puppy he followed up days later with us about the welfare of the puppy. I highly recommend anyone looking for a purebred German shepherd to go… continue reading

Review Zauberberg K9 Update

Zauberberg Kennels review of trained German Shepherd female sold

Thank you for sending this Review Zauberberg K9 Update about Nadja! We always appreciate an update and enjoy hearing about our kids doing well! Andreas, replica watches under $50 Just visited your website. You have such beautiful GSD’s. My Nadja will turn 7 years old in January, her health is perfect!People stop me and ask if she is young because she is so energetic.And everywhere we go, we receive compliments… continue reading

Zauberberg K9 Review Klaus

Puppies for sale in Tucson Zauberberg Kennels

This Zauberberg K9 Review Klaus update reached us today! Thank you so much Elizabeth Jones for taking the time to get some pictures to us- we appreciate your kind words! And yes, he is absolutely gorgeous….. Hi Andreas 23 months old and the best puppy in the whole world.  Gorgeous, huh?                 Please note that we do ship our German Shepherd Puppies Puppies… continue reading