German Shepherd Breeder System

If you have ever bought a German Shepherd puppy from a German breeder, you might have wondered how they name their puppies. The German registration system with the German Shepherd breed club in Germany (Verein fuer Deutche Schaeferhunde, SV) requires breeders to operate by the following rule for their breeding kennel: After a German breeder has applied and was granted a name for his kennel, any puppy bred by him,… continue reading

Jim and Trigger Zauberberg CGC

Hey Jim, The effort you have put into training your puppy vom Zauberberg is greatly appreciated! You made us extremely proud to see our offspring doing so well out in the world. It is a known fact that passing a certification like this requires a super stable temperament as well as intense training. Good luck in the future- and keep us posted please. Big congrats to your CGC at such… continue reading

Review Zauberberg German Shepherds

I have been working with Andreas Mueller for quite a few months, in order to be paired with the perfect German Shepherd to become my service dog and companion. I’ve found Andreas to be friendly, easy to talk to and more importantly,  easy to confide in with my private medical details and personal struggles. He has listened compassionately and used his professional knowledge to create solutions for me. The German… continue reading

Orca vom Zauberberg solid black stud dog

Black German Shepherd male available near me

Orca vom Zauberberg is a solid black stud dog here at Zauberberg Kennels. We are proud of the fact that he is the result of the Zauberberg breeding program in third generation! Orca is very impressive in appearance and size. His temperament is friendly and outgoing. Tons of prey drive for toys to motivate high learning results. Super aggressive in protection training- under absolute control when needed! Orca has already… continue reading

Zauberberg Puppy Training Advice

How to train your German Shepherd Puppy

This is a short clip of a Zauberberg German Shepherd puppy training with his owner. The puppy shows a very good understanding of the clicker marking the behavior that the trainer intends to reward! Read description below the video. Yet the sequence of events seems too much of a “drill” The puppy is rushed from one behavior into the other, which could lead to him understanding the sequence as a… continue reading

Separation Anxiety in dogs

Kira, a German Shepherd Mix, needed help with separation anxiety. This German Shepherd mix is finding out through “marker training” that it is more valuable for her to sit on her bed than jumping and scratching at the gate. The clicker communicates to her which behavior exactly it was that triggered the reward to come. In addition, the direction of the reward being obtained is away from the gate. Our… continue reading