Zauberberg dog protection dogs by nature

Hi Andreas                                                                                                              November 10, 2019

The dog in the video is Jade vom Zauberberg, she is an amazing dog. The combination of her temperament, drive, willingness to please and her personality is what makes her such an amazing dog.  We purchased her from Zauberberg in 2010. Jade is a beloved family member. The things she does never cease to amaze me. She started out to be my protector in our store and when I did bank runs.  The fact that she is a German Shepherd is usually enough to make most people think twice. She is fully obedience trained and listens with her whole heart to please me. She accepted the challenge to be my protector in more ways than one. Without any training she started to alert on my low blood sugar levels, so we finished her training as a service dog.  She has traveled everywhere with me, meeting many people and literally protecting my life. I had a surgery and my sugars no longer drop low, so she is a retired service dog now. We added grandchildren to our big loud family and Jade took it upon herself to watch over them. If a stranger comes near, she will place herself between the children and them. If they keep coming, she will stand them off and loudly let them know they are not welcome near “her” babies.  I know without a shadow of a doubt she would give her life for any of us. At the same time, she can go anywhere in public with me crowded or not and behave like it was second nature. We were so happy with the purchase of Jade and her temperament, we recently purchased another puppy from you. Her name is Jewel, and she is now 4 months old. So far, we are seeing what we expected from a Zauberberg puppy. She is smart, willing to please, easy to train and great with my family, including the babies.  

Thank you again for my amazing Jade and the up and coming Jewel.


Pam Williams