German Shepherd Female or Male Puppy

Silke B. from Mesa asked:
What is the difference between male versus female?

Zauberberg Team answered:
One is very obvious……just look.

Here are other true facts:
The male likes to mark his territory and goes to the bathroom in increments.
The female mainly squats once or twice and is finished.
The female usually comes in heat every six months and will be bleeding for two weeks average.

The myth is that there are certain characteristics connected with one or the other gender.
We found that not to be true.
A female is not more protective, or mellow, or weak than a male could possibly be.
If dogs have been bred with focus on the breed standard, then the size should be in connection with specific gender. The breed standard calls it “secondary sex characteristics”. That means that you should be able to determine the gender by looking at the dog from a distance.
I had a training dog with me in public. She was an oversize female. Everybody we encountered always assumed that this female was a male. “How old is HE” the conversation always started.
Other than explained above, we recommend that you always look at the individual dog’s temperament and disposition regardless of gender. Unless you are decided that you do want one or the other.
Don’t let your choice be determined by the myth of the females are like this an the males are like that.