Buying Experience


What I did not tell you when we spoke about a last week is that when you called, I was literally in the process of emailing another breeder about a deposit that would get me pick of the litter on a new litter of import working bloodline GSDs. The deposit would have been about a quarter of what I sent you that day, although the full price is only marginally less.

Their dogs may be excellent for all I know, but I could get enough information from your Web site about the dogs and lineage, titles, HD, etc., status to know what I was getting into–once I got an idea of what all the designations mean. The sample contract you sent was very helpful. Your reasonable guarantees and reasonable recourse are spelled on in the contract. Others may have a similar contract with reasonable guarantees, but if so, no one told me something that important.

When I woke up one morning thinking I wanted a GDS for companionship and protection, and perhaps to work, all I knew was that I needed a dog to beo be well trained and have good but controllable aggression. I thought I wanted a retired police dog. After a few emails with you and others, I decided I would be best off with a puppy from working bloodlines.

I have NO experience training puppies. The online training information and other support you offer with a new puppy is critical. A week on the Internet drawing from other sources convinced me that I could handle a puppy and a moderate to high drive dog, *if I had guidence from someone who understood, liked and respected their animals and had the experience to teach the owner as well the dog.* You offer that clearly. No place else I talked to left me feeling confident of the support, or broad and deep background you have.

Information on the website about the people at Zauberberg helped help a lot. Talking to you and Linda (and the fact that you took time and called me) was great–I got good information about the dogs, training possibilities and how you would handle my situation.

Looking closer to home, I could not find out just how much support I could get as a beginner once I bought a pup, although people said sure, there’s plenty of help and recommended a Schutzhund club.

Fate and that phone call may have intervened here.

After I sent the deposit, I sorta felt like I just got engaged to a puppy and its family, and I liked my “in-laws.”

Northwest New Mexico