American Bulldog trained and home delivered


At this time, you are probably just arriving back in Arizona after bringing our American Bulldog Plato home to us after extensive training. Christine and I could not be happier with Plato’s training and behavior. As you know, yesterday was his first full day in our house. In addition to adjusting to a new home (we moved while he was being trained) and three excited kids (12, 7 and 5), we had a Christmas cookie party at our house in the afternoon. Thus, shortly after you left for the airport, we had four additional adults and three additional kids (ranging from 2 to 14) in our house, dozens of cookies being baked, several pizzas sitting out, not to mention a lot of snacks for the kids. Plato did not jump, beg for food, bark or even attempt to take anything. He followed all commands you had taught him (in spite of significant distractions) and was so well behaved that one person asked whether we had a dog or a robot. Everyone who attended had dogs, and everyone commented that they did not believe it was possible for a dog to listen so well and behave so well.

Christine and I were talking and, in the event we ever get another dog, that dog must come “Andreas-trained,” because this is the way every dog should behave. It makes dog ownership so much more enjoyable for everyone. In addition, the kids have been practicing the few commands you taught them and are having a great time working with Plato as well. I know we are barely scratching the surface of what Plato is capable of based on your excellent training, but we are truly impressed, amazed and grateful. You are truly talented at what you do, and we just want to say that anyone who wants a trained dog (be it for a pet or for competition) should definitely call you!! Thanks again for everything!!

Best regards, Chad and Christine