What is positive reinforcement in Dog Training

What is positive reinforcement in Dog Training

Reinforcement by definition, is making something stronger…..just like the pillar under a bridge!
Positive Reinforcement is used in Dog Training to make behaviors stronger and more likely to be repeated. If a behavior is continuously reinforced, it is more likely to reoccur. It is getting to be more worth while doing, than behaviors that are not positively reinforced.
Since the day only has 24 hours, this time will be spent more on behaviors that are worth while, than on behaviors that are not worth while (ignored behaviors). Therefore undesired behaviors that are ignored will automatically have less time to occur during the 24 hours of the day. An increasingly part of the 24 hours time frame will be spent on behaviors that are reinforced.

You always hear someone say POSITIVE reinforcement!
– And everybody seems to know what that is!

Food or the toy.

I am here to widen your horizon about reinforcement of any kind.
POSITIVE reinforcement can be anything that will reinforce (-making stronger) a behavior, an action, that has been performed right before the reinforcer was provided.

Don’t be narrow minded about this- always keep this rule in mind when training.

My dog can be hungry, and giving him food of certain kind, will reinforce his behavior most effectively.
He can be thirsty, more than being hungry, thus at this moment, water will be most reinforcing.
He can desire freedom, because he was contained in a kennel, crate, car, restrained by a leash……freedom will be most reinforcing. The greater value a reinforcer has to your dog, the more effective the training will be!