Separation Anxiety in dogs

Kira, a German Shepherd Mix, needed help with separation anxiety. This German Shepherd mix is finding out through “marker training” that it is more valuable for her to sit on her bed than jumping and scratching at the gate. The clicker communicates to her which behavior exactly it was that triggered the reward to come. In addition, the direction of the reward being obtained is away from the gate. Our… continue reading

How to teach my dog a command

How to teach my dog a command The process of teaching a dog a command is misunderstood by most dog owners. They think the dog is born with a response to a spoken word. They are so very wrong. The dog can’t speak….how can he understand? Calling the title of this article a ” command” has really been a decision intending of the title getting more interest. Normally we would like… continue reading

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Effectiveness

What you should know about Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Effectiveness? Let’s shine a light on how it is typically conducted and how strongly it can prevent the dog from getting bit! Typically all dog owners attending training for snake avoidance meet at a certain place that a trainer has picked for a gathering. The snake (hopefully freshly defanged) is put in a mash basket or is free on the ground. The dog… continue reading

Healthiest Dog Training Treats

Healthiest Dog Training Treats Looking for a very affordable and healthy treat for your dog training sessions? Took us a while, but we found it! Knowing that training is most effective if the reward is of highest value, we had to search hard! We have been through everything in this world: Using the kibble he usually eats, buying all available training treats (expensive), using nasty none nutritional hot dogs etc.… continue reading

The bad reputation Remote Training Collars

Why does the remote training collar commonly have a bad reputation? The remote training collar ( E-Collar ) is the best dog training tool available. As an all breed dog training company, we use the remote training collar all the time on all dogs with greatest success! Especially in cases where behavior needs to be modified, or off leash responses need to be reliably established. The use of the collar needs… continue reading

Carrots for Dogs

Carrots for Dogs

Carrots for Dogs Have you ever wondered if its a good idea to feed your dog carrots? Carrots for Dogs? Is it healthy? Will it hurt my dog? Turns out Carrots are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients for You and Your dog! Its a great idea to feed your dog or dogs carrots! Its healthy, and as long as it is prepared correctly and fed in the proper… continue reading