Norine vom Zauberberg Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale

Norine vom Zauberberg Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale Name: Norine vom Zauberberg Date of Birth: 01-26-2012 Microchip: Yes AKC unlimited Registration: Yes Obedience Commands: German Shots: Current Sire: Odin om Zauberberg Dam: Zilla vom Zauberberg Training Status: Advanced Obedience Training Available:  SOLD Norine vom Zauberberg Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale is a medium sized, energetic, loving, Trained German Shepherd Female For Sale. Her pedigree is a summary of superb German Shepherd Working Bloodlines.… continue reading

Quitt vom Zauberberg Sable German Shepherd Female

Sable German Shepherd Female, Quitt vom Zauberberg. She loves to play and loves to please. Very willing to work for her owner. High food reward drive as well as play drive. Pedigree consists of many top German dogs that display a sure and confident temperament, willingness to work and natural protective instincts. She is an excellent companion and family dog. Quitt has been utilized very successfully in our Breeding Program.  … continue reading

German Shepherd Puppy For Sale #2

AKC registered german shepherd puppy for sale out of:

– Sire: Jago vom Zauberberg
– Dame: Exon vom Zauberberg
– Born: June 2014

At Zauberberg Kennels we only breed the best German blood lines of German Shepherd Dogs. To see all information about this puppy click on the image or call: 1-520-419-2199

R-Litter vom Zauberberg Our puppies are taken into the house in order to introduce them early and and effectively to all noises and different surfaces to walk on. The positive conditioning process to all new stimuli is accomplished through food reward in all new places. Imprinting of the clicker as a marker to receive a food reward is of great advantage at a very early age. It makes training later on so… continue reading

R-Litter vom Zauberberg – German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Currently we have German Shepherd Puppies out of proven working lines. This breeding is a combination that leads back onto legendary Magic vom Elfenschloss, the German Shepherd import, that had the fearless power and loyalty that most German Shepherds today seem to be missing! He is a strong influence in our breeding program today. Jago vom Zauberberg & Xon (Exon) vom Zauberberg are the parents. We do have 4 males and 2 females for sale. Early reservation is… continue reading

Young sable German Shepherd Female Quest

Young sable German Shepherd Female Quest Quest is a young sable German Shepherd Female, is of calm, sure and of very self-confident temperament where ever she goes. Capacity to handle stress is optimum. Her coat is of excellent dark sable coloration. Her build is the one of an agile working German Shepherd. Loves to play with the ball and likes to retrieve with people he knows. Friendly with children and… continue reading

Daniel Lampignano

Andreas This is Daniel Lampignano. I bought my second pup from you in early 2010, T Litter from Nat. His call name is Jackson. You may recall at the time our plans were to head to NH and continue my work in K9 Search and Rescue. Well, that’s just what we did. Today Jackson has 5 finds to his credit, including a lifesaving find in October of 2012 and a… continue reading