Ornella vom Zauberberg German Shepherd Breeding Female

Ornella vom Zauberberg German Shepherd Breeding Female Name: Ornella vom Zauberberg Gender: Female Sire: Roy vom Ochsentor Dam: Charlotte vom Lamorak AKC: Full Registration This superb German Shepherd female is utilized for breeding at Zauberberg Kennels. She is a result of our breeding efforts providing German Shepherds that exclusively have West German bloodlines in their pedigree. Ornella is of sound structure, strong bone and substance, with a strong pigment in black… continue reading

Angel von der Quadriga German Shepherd Breeding Female

Angel von der Quadriga German Shepherd Breeding Female Name: Angel von der Quadriga Gender: Female Sire: Remo vom Fichtenschlag Dam: Wienna vom Osterberger Land AKC: Full Registration German Shepherd breeding female from top West German bloodlines. Remo vom Fichtenschlag – World Sieger Champion- Best in the World! Angel is of solid temperament and super structure.     Current Litter: R-Litter vom Zauberberg Date of Birth: 16-November-2017    

Amanda vom Zauberberg

Amanda Vom Zauberberg Amanda has developed into a super looking female with great expression and appearance. Very alert. She is an above medium sized female with super drives for the work. Active temperament makes it easy to train her. This is the highly desired temperament of a German Shepherd working dog. Amanda is the hope and future of the Zauberberg Breeding program. Amanda’s Mother Quitt vom Zauberberg has just been mated to Sven… continue reading

Quitt vom Zauberberg Sable German Shepherd Female

Sable German Shepherd Female, Quitt vom Zauberberg. She loves to play and loves to please. Very willing to work for her owner. High food reward drive as well as play drive. Pedigree consists of many top German dogs that display a sure and confident temperament, willingness to work and natural protective instincts. She is an excellent companion and family dog. Quitt has been utilized very successfully in our Breeding Program.  … continue reading

Heidi vom Schmetterholz

German Shepherd breeder in Tucson

Heidi vom Schmetterholz Date of Birth: 08-31-2009 Sire: Erik vom Elzmuendungsraum Dam: Wes pe vom Schmetterholz Heidi vom Schmetterholz is a German Shepherd female that was imported by Zauberberg Kennels about three years ago. She had been mated in Germany to Sirio vom Rauhtal, a very succesful top competitor. This breeding produced the G- Litter vom Zauberberg. She is very outgoing with social temperament and medium drive for toy and food reward when training.… continue reading

X-on vom Zauberberg

X-on vom Zauberberg Date of Birth: 05-24-2010 Sire: Nat vom Leipheimer Moor Dam: Zilla vom Zauberberg X-on vom Zauberberg is a very strong pigmented black sable German Shepherd female with very outgoing social and friendly temperament, always alert. Her coloration is very hard to find black dark sable with very correct stock coat. Excellent bone strengths and substance. She is the ideal medium size of the German Shepherd standard. With solid temperament, she… continue reading

Mira vom Zauberberg

Mira vom Zauberberg, German Shepherd breeding female has produced outstanding offspring that impresses with excellent body structure health and workability, currently German Shepherd puppies form this female available

Date of Birth: 12-26-2011 Sire: Jago vom Zauberberg Dam: Dante von der unendlichen Geschichte Mira is a bicolored (black and tan) German Shepherd female with very outgoing social temperament and high drive for toy and food reward when training. Her coloration is very hard to find as her bloodlines produce predominantly sable color. Thus, her looks are more traditional – yet her workablity and temperament is more close to the temperament… continue reading

Nessy vom Zauberberg

Nessy vom Zauberberg Nessy vom Zauberberg Breed: German Shepherd Registration: AKC Date of Birth: January 26, 2012 Sire: Odin vom Zauberberg Dam: Zilla vom Zauberberg Gender: Female Coat: Sable This is my german shepherd Nessy vom Zauberberg.  She has an outstanding working temperament and shows great ability in tracking, protection, and obedience training.  Nessy is very serious, confident, and aggressive during protection work while still having a sociable side off… continue reading