Rudi vom Zauberberg, German Shepherd Male Puppy For Sale

Rudi vom Zauberberg
German Shepherd male puppy for sale

At Zauberberg Kennels we only breed the best German blood lines of German Shepherd Dogs. To see all information about this puppy click on the Links below or call: 1-520-419-2199
Rudi vom Zauberberg is an outgoing social sable German Shepherd puppy male. Outstanding dark sable colored coat with nice black thumb marks. He likes to do things for his treats and is already crate broken. He is accustomed to wearing his collar and to be on a  leash. Clicker conditioning is a huge part of puppy imprinting training program. it makes it so much easier to bond with the new family- when he hears the familiar sound, that always announces the arrival of a treat!

This breeding is a combination that leads back onto legendary Magic vom Elfenschloss, the German Shepherd import, that had the fearless power and loyalty that most German Shepherds today seem to be missing! He is a strong influence in our breeding program today.

Professionally Included with the delivery of every Zauberberg Puppy:

  • Micro Chipped or Tattooed
  • AKC Registration
  • Dog Warranty

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