Lucy Ang

I’ve known Andreas for many years and have had many positive experiences with him. In the ’90s, I had a dog, Nightshadow Geronimo v. Mize, that I had put the BH and BST on, but I knew he would be a problem to get the obedience needed for Schutzhund titles. This was a dog I’d sold as a puppy and gotten back at 15 months, so he had some issues… continue reading


My name is Marion and I am the owner of Kennel von Arizona. I raise pure bred German Shepherds. A while back I decided to train with Andreas Mueller, who owns Zauberberg K9 Academy, because I want the best for my dogs. A German Shepherd is not just a dog but he is your companion, your protector and your friend. Your German Shepherd is your pet. Andreas helps me to… continue reading

Polly Fabrizio

After years of confusing my dogs with poorly applied “reinforcement” and watching some of my friends “collar-pop” their dogs into submission. After watching one bored dog after another go through the motions at obedience trails, I knew their had to be a better way. Working with Zauberberg has brought my training skills to a whole new level. Andreas’ approach is solidly rooted in good behavioral and scientific principles of how… continue reading

Susan M. DeRogatis

Hello Andreas! Just wanted to drop you a quick hello and to say Jaguar has taken a 100 degree turn around she has made a huge improvement in some of her undesirable behavior. Still steadily using the collar everyday and she does try and resort back to some old habits, but I AM using it to stay onto or her. Its funny how when I don’t have the collar on… continue reading

Spook is almost perfect

Hi there, its the Tuckerman’s. I just want to let you know that are GSD Spook that we got from you guys is doing great. Spook is almost perfect on 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile tracks. I took him to the Police Station for the first time to introduce them to the new tracker and he did perfect. He is improving on obedience and he loves the cold weather and… continue reading

Conor Wells

Dear Andreas and Linda Mueller, I would first like to thank you graciously for your hospitality today when we brought over Cara. I learned a lot, and am eagerly awaiting your trials on the 24th of February. I am sending some of the attached pictures from today. the others i still need to photo shop and make pretty. Once again thank you very much. Sincerely, Khan

Sherry Nichols

Hi Andreas, Jennifer Roxanne (Roxie) is a wonderful puppy. She responds very well to the leash and to her crate, she doesn’t cry at all at night after the first few minutes of howling are over. She loves her toys and plays fetch with a flattened basketball. She spends the day in the office with us and we take her outside frequently for potty trips and play time in the… continue reading

I am very pleased

Hello Andreas, I’am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with Rexx and his overall behavior he has been excellant! All his commands are very sharp and I can say am almost 99% sure of his commands where he stands now! I can say I want to bet now! We know what that means… So I hope to get you a good video in soon but I… continue reading


My name is Chris and I have a 9 month old male Rottweiler. At about 7 months old he began to show signs of aggression toward strangers, kids he did not know and just about anything with wheels (bikes, skateboards, etc.) There was even an incident at a park with a 12 year old kid on a skateboard that he had nipped on the hand. Granted he did not fully… continue reading

Grant Wilton

Hey Andreas I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the knowledge I gained at your recent seminar in Victoria. Your training technique and philosophy have completely changed the way I relate to my dog. I would also like to say how instrumental the seminar was in Nikko and I attaining our BH. Without your guidance I’m sure we would still be trying. Most of all I would like… continue reading