Gary & Janice Heikenen, Talk about Milly Vom Zauberberg

Dear Andreas and Linda. Here are some pictures of Milly – she loves the remaining May snow and cold Lake Superior water. Definitely meant to be a northern dog! Owning a Zauberberg dog is indeed a privilege. Having waited my entire life (a long time!) to have a German Shepherd, I have had the chance to scrutinize many breeders and kennels. Your breeding and training philosophies cannot be matched. I… continue reading

Ron Coles

Director, Safety and Security University Physicians Hospital, Speaks about His program with Zauberberg K9 as a support member. Greetings, my name is Ron Coles. I have been Director of Security at University Physicians Hospital in Tucson Arizona for 4 years. I started our K9 program 3 & 1/2 years ago. After one year, paying for training with the vendor we purchased the dogs from, the whole unit did not progress… continue reading

Valarie Thanks Andreas for his work with Boz a German Shepherd

Andreas. Thanks for always responding to my questions so promptly, Boz has been so much fun since we have had him home from his training. I am even getting brave enough to walk him on trails without a leash and he hasn’t failed me once to follow any commands, (i.e. sit, boz here, heel, etc.), and we have only had him home a week. I will be leaving on vacation… continue reading

Joyce Gifford

I have been training, showing and breeding Irish Wolfhounds both in breed and obedience for nearly 20 years. My youngest daughter, for various reasons, became interested in purchasing a dog with which to do more than level one obedience. She decided upon a German Shepherd. After some searching we found Andreas and Linda. We consistently got prompt amiable attention and made a trip (quite a trip) to visit the dogs.… continue reading

Karen & Bob Kline

Andreas. As we near our wonderful rottie’s first birthday, we cannot help but to reflect on the miles of enjoyment we have experienced with Jaegger. His temperament and loyalty are unmatched. He has proven to be a perfect match for our family. Bob did a lot of research on rottweilers and quickly knew he wanted a German rottie. Since he worked for a German company, he had some references for… continue reading

Grooming services at Camino Verde Pet Resort

I would like to recommend the grooming services at Camino Verde Pet Resort in strongest possible terms. Angelika’s service and expertise go “way beyond” simply grooming, although the grooming is outstanding. Her advice on the proper maintenance of our German Shepherd’s coat and skin between grooming visits has reduced Toby’s itching, scratching and shedding by a substantial margin. In addition to her professional competence, Angelika has always been pleasant and… continue reading

New Herding Title on Zauberberg Rottweiler

Hi there, just thought that you would like to know that Jaeger received his herding instinct certificate today. The tester was very impressed and wants me to get him into herding once he’s about a year and a half old. Here are the comments that she put on the evaluation. Fetching style Runs close Loose eye Shows no wearing Force barks Demonstrated a controlled stop or pause Circled stock Change… continue reading

Narcotic Detection

I want to add my testimonial to the ones on this page. I came to Andreas Mueller seeking training for me as a handler and refresher training for my previously trained narcotic detection dog, Dargo. I had never done handler work, and Dargo had been doing therapy work with hospital patients but not drug work for the last year. We spent five days at Zauberberg training with Andreas and also… continue reading