Polly Fabrizio

After years of confusing my dogs with poorly applied “reinforcement” and watching some of my friends “collar-pop” their dogs into submission. After watching one bored dog after another go through the motions at obedience trails, I knew their had to be a better way.

Working with Zauberberg has brought my training skills to a whole new level. Andreas’ approach is solidly rooted in good behavioral and scientific principles of how dogs learn and act. It’s positive, consistent, built on precise communication. His approach is coupled with his counsel–coming from the years of experience of having worked with, and trained, thousands and thousands of dogs. “They are all different,” he will remind me.

All said, my dogs now work and perform with precision and accuracy. But, more importantly, they LOVE to do what they do. They love to work, they love to heel, they love to retrieve, they love to track. My dogs were born with drive and enthusiasm. Working at Zauberberg has taught me how to train without lowering tails to half-mast, or worse.