Best Training Treats for my Dog

Jennifer B. from Tucson asked:
What are the best treats to use in my training?

Zauberberg Team answered:
You are on the right track to think about what the best treats might be, as you probably know that best rewards make best learning happening!
When choosing a treat to be most effective during training, it is important to think without limitation.
Just as people being crazy about potato salad- others hate it!
We prefer to use a treat that is easy and fast to swallow, as we should not waste training time and high frequency of repetition with the dog taking time to process the treat.
The choice of foods is very endless. Try different kinds of foods and observe which one really “lights him up”
Grilled chicken (cut up in tiny pieces), hot dogs, pasta, beef jerky, cheese, fried ground beef, meat based dog food in tubes,
The “dog treats” available on the market have not been appealing to us as most of them are not fast to eat. In addition, we have experienced that they are always less desired than the treats listed above.