Orca vom Zauberberg solid black stud dog

Black German Shepherd male available near me

Orca vom Zauberberg is a solid black stud dog here at Zauberberg Kennels.
We are proud of the fact that he is the result of the Zauberberg breeding program in third generation!
Orca is very impressive in appearance and size. His temperament is friendly and outgoing. Tons of prey drive for toys to motivate high learning results. Super aggressive in protection training- under absolute control when needed!
Please watch the videos below on this
Orca has already sired a litter of eight puppies when he was utilized for the very first time. Coming from a litter with multiple solid black siblings himself, he produced a few black puppies from his first mating.
Trusting our history of breeding this well established “father line” it is to assume that he will bring his temperament and appearance to his puppies in years to come.