Orca vom Zauberberg solid black stud dog

Black German Shepherd male available near me

Orca vom Zauberberg is a solid black stud dog here at Zauberberg Kennels. We are proud of the fact that he is the result of the Zauberberg breeding program in third generation! Orca is very impressive in appearance and size. His temperament is friendly and outgoing. Tons of prey drive for toys to motivate high learning results. Super aggressive in protection training- under absolute control when needed! Please watch the… continue reading

Tito De Lupus Saevus German Shepherd Stud Dogs

Tito De Lupus Saevus is a German Shepherd stud dog that owned and trained by a fellow Schutzhund Competitor. I have met this dog in person and was honored to do some decoy work for him in protection training. This dog is very convincing to me in his performance, structure, color and temperament! Therefore it was decided to utilize him in our German Shepherd breeding program. He sired V-Litter vom… continue reading

German Shepherd Stud Dog Arizona

trained Germna Shepherd for sale from Breeder in Arizona

German Shepherd Stud Dog Arizona The best of the best German Shepherd stud dog Arizona for the red and black fancier. It is very hard to find an all around combination of color, type temperament, structure, pedigree and work ability all in one. Yeti is a true result of combining top West German bloodlines in his pedigree. His movement gives you the impression of a boat coming out of the… continue reading

Sven vom Zauberberg sable Stud dog

German Shepherd stud service sable with huge head

Sven vom Zauberberg is a very young German Shepherd Stud dog in Tucson Arizona Name: Sven vom Zauberberg Gender: German Shepherd Male Date of Birth: 08-06-2014 Sire: Joker vom Zauberberg Dam: Mira vom Zauberberg Microchipped: Yes Unlimited AKC Registration: Yes Training Level: In Training for IPO1 Availability: Not for sale Pictures and Videos: Click Here Sven was already a large German Shepherd sable puppy when he was born. He already had a black stripe on… continue reading