How to operate TriTronics transmitter

When all behaviors are taught to the dog and he has an optimum understanding of the cues, the  training phase with the remote collar will begin.
Considering that the dog has been conditioned to feel really good about wearing the collar itself. Highly recommended Electronic dog training collar, used by ZBB K9 Team, is either Garmin / TriTronics Sportdog or -Pro 500.
In order to be the best at training with a remote training collar, it is necessary to be able to operate the transmitter like a good driver drives a car, or the good soccer player operates the ball.
The best drivers are the ones that do not have to concentrate on the operations of the vehicle. Only then he can concentrate on traffic!
The best soccer players are the ones that don’t have to concentrate on manipulation the ball between their feet. They ┬ácan actually play the game!
The best trainer will be the one that can operate the transmitter in his sleep. He can concentrate on what his dog is doing – or not, and manipulate his behavior successfully in a very precise timely fashion.
It is recommended to hold the transmitter with multiple fingers on the unit. Each finger should be assigned to a certain function. As you use multiple fingers, you will always feel a “reference” . If you have a reference without looking, you will know exactly which finger operates a particular function. Pressing the wrong button is very much unlikely to happen. If you only operate with one finger, you will always have to look at the transmitter. That will always throw your timing off. Furthermore, chances of you pressing the wrong button is more likely to happen.
Watching the video below will help you learn how to operate the transmitter of the Garmin / TriTronics electronic dog training collar.