Yeti vom Aldamar Videos

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Yeti is not just the prettiest black and red stud dog you have ever seen. He has the drives for the work as well! Very rarely you will find a dog of beauty and work ability at the same time. Needless to say, that’s what breeders of German Shepherds should strive for- temperament and looks at the same time.
Yeti puppies currently available from Ornella vom Zauberberg

Enjoy the videos and pictures of Yeti vom Aldamar at work!

Our German Shepherd Stud Dog training attentive heeling with training vest. The Kong is dropped from a can that is attached to my chest with Velcro. Thus the dog is reinforced when attentive and being in desired position. The clicker marking the moment and the Kong released right after by pulling on a string at the back of the training vest.

Pretty well assorted bite work session. Helper stands still- dog is barking (aggression) Helper is moving- the dog is in prey drive thinking about biting (therefore no barking). To ensure that he is mostly in prey drive before the actual bite, he is released. The dog moving is dictating his behavior mostly being prey driven.