Vina vom Zauberberg

Vina vom Zauberberg

Vina Vom ZauberbergDate of Birth: 03-03-2015
Color: Dark Sable
Price: $1750.00
Sire: Joker vom Zauberberg
Dam: Mira vom Zauberberg

Vina vom Zauberberg is a sable female German Shepherd puppy from excellent and exclusive West German working dog Bloodlines. Her parents are very social, friendly and easily trainable- but yet protective. As all of our puppies, she is bred for health and intelligence, that the German Shepherd breed is well known for. She is fully vaccinated, dewormed. and micro chipped before going to her new home. This puppy comes with full AKC registration. Vina is crate trained and entered the house breaking training process. She will give the new owner a head start in puppy house breaking and socialization as she has been separated from her litter mates. How to pick a German Shepherd Puppy? Contact us now to place your deposit 520-419-2199 or email

Scratching , jumping at the gate and barking has not been working anymore to open this gate to be allowed on the porch. Sitting has been continuously rewarded. Identifying the right behavior by clicking and then rewarding by tossing a treat behind the dog. The trainer is in different distance to the dog, and some times even out of sight. If he approaches the gate, and the dog is getting restless, the process of coming to the gate is broken up and starts again as soon is the dog is calm again, or even gets back into sitting position. At the final phase of this session the dog is rewarded one more time and while hunting for the treat away from the gate, it opens and the dog is allowed through.

The dog has learned to sit by the door is rewarding by getting treats while in the sit position. The behavior of sitting versus scratching also initiates and continuous the process of opening the door. Reinforcement also should be given in the opposite direction- away from the door, behind the dog.

Behaviors that are desired in the crate, laying down, having the paws off the gate, orienting herself backwards, are clicked for, and rewarded with a treat after each click. Any behavior that is NOT desired will interrupt the process of opening the crate. Important to note, is that even an open crate gate does NOT mean that the dog is allowed to come out.

The myth about not feeding your dog from the table…
The dog can be easily fed from the table if he understands how to make the food coming off of it! As any normal dog, this puppy has tried to get the food off the table by jumping at it. Just to say “no” is not a smart way of training the dog to stay away. By clicking and treating (even directly from the table) for calm behaviors, the dog has changed his thinking about “how to get the food that’s on the table”.The direction for the reward to be obtained by the dog of course should be away from the table!

Vina has been back for a training visit!

The Teaching phase in which this dog has been shown different gymnastic skills has been completed and the training phase began. Now all known cues are unconditionally followed by electrical stimulation. This will secure the behaviors against distractions (overwriting signals) As soon as the dog starts the correct response to the cue, the remote collar is turned off. Note that playing is under total signal control. The game stops on “aus” and it starts on “frei”. If the dog anticipates the release cue and releases on its own, the game does NOT stop. The release cue is only given if the dog is solely in drive for the game.The play cue is given at different parts of this session. 1) immediately after a behavior is performed initially 2) after a behavior has been performed over various duration 3) even after the behavior of releasing the ball in order to reinforce the release itself


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