New Video Sven Training IPO Hold and Bark

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Sven vom Zauberberg     New Video Sven Training IPO HOLD and BARK

Besides the Courage Test (long bite) at the end of an IPO Routine, training IPO hold and bark exercise is one of the most exiting part. All the attributes required by the rules can be challenging to train. To obtain highest scores, the dog has to continuously bark, not bothering the decoy, and should be aggressively barking- and not just barking to get the the sleeve! He has to continue barking consistently even when the handler approaches and prepares for the call out. One of the challenges is to actually make the dog increase intensity ones the handler approaches.
A lot of times dogs loose intensity because they highly anticipate to be called away, which leads to point deduction.
I like to compare it to a bar fight. You enter the bar and see your brother in a fight. He realizes you are there, and is not sure if he should fight or not. So the scenario really has an undesired perception on your brother’s part because you might have discouraged him from fighting at some point in the past. Instead he should feel supported and fight harder, right?
Same here, train the dog to feel stronger the closer you are to him.

Looking at the video, I believe Sven and I could make it in perfect form!