German Shepherd stud service Cash

cash vom Aldamar stud service German Shepherd in Arizona

The ultimate in coat, structure and type of the ultimate German Shepherd Stud Dog ……Cash vom Aldamar!
Super correct structure impressive bone strengths , substance and beautiful appearance. His type is appealing to anyone’s eyes. The dream of the common perception of the looks of a German Shepherd one wants to be the guardian of the home and family above possessing a solid temperament and trainability.
It is a proven fact that your kids look like you- the very same applies to dog breeding!
If you want your puppies to simulate the looks of these pictures, breeding your female to CASH is the only answer.
Please read here what a German Shepherd stud service provided by Zauberberg Kennels entails.

Cash vom Aldamar
AKC Registration:
April 03-2016
Keule vom Holtkaemper Hof
Quenna vom Aldamar
Black and Red
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German Shepherd Stud service provided by Zauberberg Kennels
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