German Shepherd Stud Service

German Shepherd Stud Service with the right German Shepherd male is often a challenge to find…..if your intentions for the breed of German Shepherds are to lead in the right direction!

Here at Zauberberg Kennels we have a selection of German Shepherd Stud Dogs available that will be matched by professionals to the pedigree of your breeding female.
Only utilizing German imported bloodlines as Stud dogs, we provide different bloodlines to be able to best accommodate your goals.
Best German Shepherd Stud dogsable german Shepherd stud dog in Arizona
Black and red stud dogs (left) as well as the sable (right) and bicolored specimens exclusively of top west German Bloodlines.


Stud fees vary between $800.00 – $1500.00
Book your stud service as early as possible. 
We do offer boarding during the heat cycle to be able to mate your female multiple times. The more matings- the more eggs will be caught during ovulation period.
Two living puppies are guaranteed. If two living puppies are not delivered, the next stud service is provided at no charge.

Contact Zauberberg Kennels Call or Text 520-419-2199 or email now and talk about the arrangements for your next German Shepherd breeding