German Shepherd Puppy Valerie vom Zauberberg

German Shepherd Puppy Valerie vom Zauberberg!

German Shepherd female for sale in TucsonDate of Birth: 03-03-2015
Color: Dark Sable
Price: $2650.00
Sire: Joker vom Zauberberg
Dam: Mira vom Zauberberg
AKC Registration: Yes
Micorchip: Yes
Fully vaccinated: Yes

Valerie vom Zauberberg is a sable female German Shepherd puppy from excellent and exclusive West German working dog Bloodlines. Her parents are very social, friendly and easily trainable- but yet protective. Like all of our puppies, she is bred for health and intelligence, that the German Shepherd breed is well known for. She is fully vaccinated, dewormed. and micro chipped before going to her new home. This puppy comes with full AKC registration. Valerie is crate trained and will be graduating from Puppy Kindergarten training program shortly. Videos will be posted by the end of this week (05-30-2015).  She will give the new owner a huge head start in being a very well trained adult dog. Come when called, walking on leash, sitting, downing, staying on the kong bed, going into the crate willingly, sitting by the door until it opens, no jumping, no biting feet! She is in fact a “thinking machine” come to training. Her training has been in German Commands.

Want to be able to sweep the floor and tie your shoes without dealing with a biting puppy?
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German Shepherd Puppy Pictures taken 06-07-2015

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